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After the next few days of going into the forest I see something this time, quite a strange tall man in a suit..I dont think I want to go over there.

I looked away from the strange man in the suit, only to see him infront of me. "GAH!" I jump back not knowing how he did that but it was terrifying in anyway possible because he didnt have a face...and his skin was all white..and he wad tall..in a NONHUMAN way.

I back away from the strange man as I hear static in my head. I turn around and run only to be stopped from something grabbing me. I look to see what it was and it was a tentacle. I scream. Then pass out from fear.

The thing didnt let me go though, I couldnt tell but he sighed and shook his head. I think he is taking me somewhere because I feel movement. I was absolutely terrified right now, there was no way I would just wake up and scream.

But thats exactly what happened. As I do that I notice that I was in a room on a bed or something. I look around seeing I was in a room. Defiantly not mine..I hear running and a guy with a blue mask with black tear things comes into this room.

"I didnt think you would wake up this soon and I was just about to eat some kidneys.." He had mumbled the last part. "K-kidneys!?" I say almost yelling. "Well ya, there good!" He says. I just stare at him.

After a short staring contest "how do you feel?" He asks like he said nothing about kidneys."terrified!!" I say. "Well of course but other then that like any pain?" I didnt notice at first but my head hurt alot, not like a headache ethier.

"My head hurts.." I tell him. "Thats normal it will go away in about.." he looks at a clock and calendar "three days." "THREE DAYS!?" "you dont have to yell, plus you where passed out for hours so.."

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