Chapter 4

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"Oh shit." Jason muttered as Eli slowly walked forward, his bright blue eyes narrowed with an unreadable expression.

"Eli-" I started, but he silenced me by holding up his hand and I knew he was angry.

"Jason." He called out and Jason hurried off the bed and walked towards Eli, kneeling down in front of him. He put his hands over the other and placed them on his lap. Even with his head down, I could see his worried look.

Eli grabbed a handful of Jason's hair and yanked his head back, forcing him to look up.

"What is the one rule I remind you of on a daily basis, huh?" He asked Jason, his deep voice projecting.

I moved back on the bed, wanting to escape through the second door I spotted, but Eli's eyes shot up to mine and I froze, his piercing gaze paralyzing me. When he was sure I wasn't going to move, he focused his attention back on Jason.

"Answer me!" He yelled, making me and Jason jump. Jason mumbled something incoherent and I watched Eli's fingers clench tightly. "I can't hear you."

"Your friends are off limits." Jason whispered, wincing as Eli forced him to turn around and face the bed, which I was still on.

"And who is she?" Eli asked and Jason gazed at me, his green eyes wide with pain from Eli's grip on his hair.

"Your friend."

Eli nodded and let go of Jason's hair, patting it down softly. "Good. So you do understand. I'll deal with you later." The promise in Eli's voice made Jason bow his head with shame. "You may leave. Close the door behind you."

Jason scrambled up, grabbed his clothes, and exited, not bothering to look back. The silence in the room was deafening and my heart started racing when Eli turned to look at me.

The icy look he gave me could've frozen hell twice over. "Now...what to do with you?" He asked, moving slowly towards the bed, his steps quiet and meticulous. I ignored the pounding in my chest and cocked my head to the side.

"What do you mean?" I asked, scooting back as he came closer. He was scaring me. I'd never seen him this...intense. He looked at me like he was a hunter and I was the prey.

Eli chuckled a bit. "I mean, first you fuck my boyfriend and then you fuck my sub." His dimples deepened as he smiled. "I think you need to be punished."

I blinked rapidly, trying to make sure I heard correctly. "I need to be what?" I breathed, frowning. Punished? Who even says that? Instead of answering me, he sprang forward and grabbed my legs, dragging me across the bed. "Eli!"

Eli ignored me and sat down, placing me over his lap. I bucked up, trying to get out of his iron grip, but he used his thighs to pin my legs together and reached around to grab my arms. He twisted them back and held both of my wrists in one hand.

"Eli, let me go." I yelled, still trying to get free. It was no use. My breasts were pressed hard against his thigh and my ass was in the air.

"Maybe after this, you'll realize that having boundaries isn't such a bad thing." Eli said softly, tracing the curve of my back.

"Boundaries? I don't need boundaries." I argued, trying to twist my head around so that I could see his face.

"Yeah you do. So you can stop fucking my boyfriends."

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