Part 5

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I made this life to get away from this drama-- not to have more!

Month later

Thinking back to that day with Claudia and It made me feel uneasy. Like when you want to just trap your self inside and think your life all over.

She never called me back since that day. That day- when I almost had sex with a girl. When I felt something for a GIRL. She left me nothing but sexually frustrated. Laying there with nothing but my undergarment thinking what the hell happen?

I didn't tell anybody about that and tried my best not to think about it because lately that's all I'm doing and I'm tired of it. Do I like girls? What did I feel? Who am I?

"So your new single will be coming out. Are you excited?" My manager, Johnson ask. She really nice and laid back about everything. Not like most managers.

"Yeah so ready" I smile.

"Okay so you are going to be performing at Madison square garden right before Shawn performs his song okay" I nod as if to go on. "But I got you a second act and y-"

"Wait what" I question.

"Okay if you get a second song finish and it has to be a duet, then you get to perform that at Madison square garden also" I smile.

"Are you serious! This is amazing and I get t-" I got interrupted by my manager.

"Yeah but you have to write a song less then 2 weeks with someone, can you handle it?" She got up and grabbed her phone dialing someone's number.

"Of course I can handle it" This song can be a life changer. Okay probably not life changer but it could be something.

"I just text the people saying you will be performing two songs" She closed her phone then giving me a warm hug.

"So who am I going to be doing it with?"

"I'll make the calls out and see who wants to okay" I nod my head and watch her walk over to her purse and pick it up heading towards the door."See you tomorrow with more bye"

"Bye" I got up right after she left grabbing my things and heading out the door. My phone started to ring, so I look through my purse trying to find it but coming face to face with a wall.

"Oh shi- are you ok?" I look up holding my head to see Shawn. Woah is chest is hard because my head is pounding.

"It's ok" I get up ignoring the fact that my head feels like shit.

"No I wasn't paying attention but let me make it up to you" He grabbed my hand looking me in my eyes.

"Ugh I was just heading out so probably no-" I start.

"Please Madison. Its the least I can do since I wasn't paying attention to" He pleads.

"I know but I wasn't paying attention to so-"

"Madison" He said with a serious then breaking a smile, "Please it'll make me feel better" I didn't want to because him and Maggie have something but I didn't want to be rude so.

"Okay sure" We walked out the studio then out the company.

"A few blocks down there is a restaurant so want to go?" I nod my head with a smile. We started walking making small talk. It took 8 minutes to get there and be seated down at a restaurant that was so cozy. It had the lights dim and a red booth with candles all around then the walls were also red with people talking calmly.

"I'm sorry again" Shawn apologizes for the hundredth time.

"Shawn it's okay and I wasn't paying attention to" I reach over and touch his hand gently for a sec then pull back when the waiter comes.

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