Part 11~Karkat~ "Whoa, _____!"

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______'s P.O.V.

He started nipping up my neck and when he got to my jaw line, he licked my cheek. I blushed lightly and turned my face to kiss him. He unbuttoned his pants again and let his bulge squirm out while he pulled my underwear down off of me and threw them somewhere in the bathroom. I moaned as he rubbed and licked my inner thighs. He lifted my legs and I wrapped them around his torso (or hips eather one). With him pushing me against the wall, it wasn't hard to stay up. His bulge squirmed, trying to find my entrance. As it did he licked my neck and nipped it making it bleed. He licked the blood and his bulge found my entrance and quickly made its way into me. Karkat moaned and thrust, making us both groan in pleasure. He started thrusting at a slow pace but I rubbed his horns, making him go faster. His face looked determined as he tried to find my spot. He finally hit something that made me jump and moan. He smirked and hit that spot harder making me moan louder. He repeatedly hit that spot harder with each thrust, turning my moans into even louder ones, almost screams. I buried my face into his neck and he did the same, muffling our moans. "Faster, Karkles...Nnnn..."

"Th-this is as fast as I can fucking go! What? D-do you want my bulge to burn o-off?!" He complained but still abliged to my request. He nipped at my neck one more time before we both hit our breaking points, with him coming inside of me and me screaming his name. His bulge slipped out of me, making his red cum drip out of me. "Ahh... Karkat..." we were panting heavily, so we couldn't speak very much. "Fuck... __-_____..." He stood me up but I just fell onto the floor. "Whoa, ______!"

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