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Y/N'S P.O.V:

As i said that, everyone looked at me in shock, even Jungkook, a smirk drew my lips. I just felt like i had to do it, and i wanna do it.

"Y/N? You're working with that reject?" A girl asked in shock.

"Yeah, don't call him reject cause he at least have better grades than you dumby" I said making some people chuckle.

"So Lee Y/N is working with Jeon Jungkook..." Mrs. Shit-head mumbled as she was noting our names on a sheet of paper. After she said all the students names, the bell ran.

"The project will be due to the next class which happens to be Monday, class dismissed" She said as everyone got up and classroom got noisy.

I looked at Jungkook whom was silently taking his books and putting his pen in his pocket just like the most precious thing ever.

I tapped his shoulder gently making him flinch and look at me before looking down blushing, he is so adorable.

"Come to my house tomorrow at 12:30, here is the address" I handed him a piece of paper with my address written on it. He gently took the paper.

"Are you okay with it?" I asked and he nodded looking down.

"Okay, see you, and if anyone touches you hit him, i know you're strong!" I clenched my fist in the air making him chuckle.

"Cute..." I mumbled before leaving the classroom.


She is so nice and cute, she looks like a bad person but she's very sweet. Even if i'm such a nerd, she doesn't treat me like the others, she's different. There's this scent and vibe that her body gives that makes me go crazy, i can't detect it. I'm sure she'll be terrified when she knows who i am...they'll all be.

Y/N P.O.V:

School has ended and i went to the bathroom cause i drank too much water, as i walked out of the bathroom, the hallways were already empty, 'Geez, people are really thirsty to go home' i thought. I was passing by the school gates when i saw two figures.

As i was approaching them, i could see that it was Jimin and Jungkook. Jimin was grabbing Jungkook by the collar against a brick wall.

Jimin is the bad boy of the school that every girl dreams to go out with him, he confessed to me his feelings millions of times but i refused every time since he is a playboy.

I hid behind a gate and peaked at them with my right eye. I was curious to know about what they were talking about.

"I see you starting to get close with my girlfriend, do you wanna get hurt nerdy?" Jimin smirked.

'Girlfriend my ass...' I thought rolling my eyes.

I have never mentioned this but Jimin was the paler human I've ever seen. His skin wasn't a human white but more like a vampire, it was even pale like a ghost.

It looked like he didn't have blood in his body. But you know, i don't believe in vampires, ghosts, demons and shit. Its bullshit.

"Girlfriend? More like toy." Jungkook smirked. I was shook, i have never seen Jungkook talk with this much confidence.

"I see you wearing these 'good boy' clothes to hide who you really are Jungkookie" Jimin said as he threw Jungkook's glasses on the floor.

"Hiding your eyes color with glasses and brown color contacts too" Jimin smirked.

"I don't think I'm the only one hiding my eyes color chimchim" Jungkook laughed making Jimin's smirk erase.

"Now get your dirty little hands off me if you don't wanna get hurt" Jungkook sighed.

"What can you do? Tickle me?" Jimin laughed.

"You was looking for it." Jungkook said before lightly pushing Jimin off him but making Jimin fall on the floor as if he was hit by a truck.

I was confused, everything was confusing. Jungkook being this confident and this strong. Jungkook hiding.

As Jimin got up ready to hit him, Jungkook already disappeared.

"Bastard." Jimin rolled his eyes pushing the dust off him before leaving too.

I was shook how even one scratch wasn't on him, If i got pushed like that I would of probably been demanding the lord to forgive my sins.

"Crazy, right?"

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