Chapter 62

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As the sunset gently over Holby, Connie walked alongside Sam with her hand in his leaning into his side. Having some time away from the department had meant that she was a lot more relaxed than she normally was. Each night they had found a reason to be outside, whether it was just in her garden or going for a walk somewhere out of sight.

"I was thinking..." Connie arched a brow as she looked up at him slightly. "Should I worry?" "Funny. No, I know how you don't like all these hospital functions, but the consultants ball-" He was cut off by her groaning as they continued walking beside the lake. "I hate those sort of things." "I thought we could go together..."

Connie was quiet not wanting to give an answer to that. He knew from her silence that she wasn't fond of the idea at all, he couldn't say he was surprised really. She kept hold of his hand as they sat down on the field together. "Look it isn't that I wouldn't want to go with you, it's just we go together and it means everyone knows about all of this." Letting her eyes fall to their entwined hands she sighed heavily.

"And that would be such a bad thing?" Sam pushed gently wanting to know where the problem lay with people knowing about them. "Yes- No, I just don't want to have to explain this to anyone." "We can't stay hidden forever, there's only so long you can keep that a secret." She flicked her eyes to her stomach before laying back to the grass.

Looking up to the sky she moved her hands through her hair. "You know what, forget I mentioned it." Rolling her head to the side she saw him lay beside her, watching her with an expectant gaze. Trying to hide the smile she lifted her head to his chest as he held her carefully. "These past few days have been bliss-" "Hmm, you're telling me." She ran her hand across his chest as the summer breeze blew across them.

The evening began to creep up on them, the skies still light as they wandered back towards his home. Connie stole glances as they walked, Sam unaware of the attention he was drawing from her. The truth was she couldn't think of anything worse than everyone knowing about her private life again as they had with Greg, but at the same time she knew what he had said was right. There'd come a time when people would know, it was only a matter of how it came out.

Later that night, Connie sat out on the balcony over looking the city. Sam wandered out carrying two glasses, passing one down to her before he sat behind her on the chair. She leant into his chest, relaxing as the warm air surrounded them. Closing her eyes, she let the tiredness show as she spoke lazily. "So... What exactly did you have in mind for this ball, hmm?"

Sam frowned running his fingers through her loose curls as he looked off over the city view. "Something like last time, except this time I don't have to wait until everyone's asleep to get my dance." Finding his hand on her waist, she laced her fingers through his nodding gently. "Alright you can take me..." "Connie?" She exhaled deeply as he caressed her hand. "Not that I don't want to, but what you said earlier-" "Was stupid... I don't have to explain anything to them, not really."

Sitting forwards, she turned to face him as he lay back against the chair. "I'll let you have your dance, if you promise that you're not going to walk away as soon as I let this happen." Moving his hands to cup her cheeks, he smiled with a small shake of his hand. "I won't go anywhere that you're not." Nodding she moved to straddle his waist becoming more comfortable. "I guess you've got yourself a date for the ball then Prince Charming."

Sam laughed as she neared his lips, pausing before them. "I love you." He smiled brushing his hands over her cheeks and settling them in her hair. "I love you too." Pressing a delicate kiss to his lips she parted before dropping her head to his chest. Sam enveloped her into a hug, holding onto her gently.

He had been thinking about the paternity results they were due to get back any day now, and had been watching Connie for any sign that there was a change in how she was acting. He knew that she might not want to tell him if she received them back and it wasn't what they wanted. Pushing it all from his mind for now, he enjoyed the quiet time he was getting with Connie.

Waking up in bed, she questioned how she had ever got in here. Looking to her side she saw Sam fast asleep, nothing but peace etched across his features. Running a hand through her hair, she continued watching him sleep for a while, a pang of something flashing over her. She wasn't sure what it was, something she hadn't felt for sometime.

As she watched him quietly, she realised in that moment that she had never been able to deny to herself the way she felt for him and never would be able to. Letting a small smile onto her lips, she thought of the way she felt when she was with him in private. He made her feel important, special... She had wanted to stay here, in Holby and each passing day she was reminded why.

When you find the one you'll want nothing more.

Settling down was a big ask, but it was starting to feel right.

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