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The Hot Mama

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  • Dedicated to Ginger

One day there was one very HOT mama. The mama's name was Ginger. After Ginger was born a couple hours later, she turned into a gangster! She bought her self an Ak-47 at 2 hours old. She went with her gang, The Hot Mamas, to the store of cookies, they stole ALL the cookies! The cops were after the Hot Mamas. So they chased them all the way down the road. The Hot Mamas turned around pulled out there Ak's and shot the hell out of all the cops, 30 seconds later you saw a lot of people on the floor, with no heads. The Hot Mamas got away and were never found again. But, they still live to this very day killing people, and 1,000,000 people died, ever since Ginger was born! 

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