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I felt like I was walking on pillows. The comfort in these shoes was enough to get me by the day without having any blisters.

"I see you like your new shoes."

I turned on my heels and saw Xavier, leaning against a pole. His eyes holding a twinkle of amusement as he seemed to have been watching me strut my stuff.

"Oh-yeah. They're quite comfortable and also something that would go with any outfit."

I bit down on my lip, since this will probably be the only pair of shoes that I will ever have. Unless I have another miracle.

"It's a nice choice, simple and cute. Just like their wearer."

I blushed and looked down at the shiny material coated over the shoe.

"Come I will show you the men's section."

I looked at him, my eyes widening in confusion.

"For your boss . . . "

"Oh, right. The reason why I actually came here." I felt my cheeks rise in heat once again.

Xavier chuckled as a large hand paved the way through the velvety curtains.

"Mr. Johnny you have another order."

Xavier spoke to a man, he was short and wore oval blue spectacles. He looked me over once or twice both through his glasses and without them on.

"I certainly cannot do such an order with little time. You know how I am commited to my work. Haste is never the answer."

I gasped as I heard those very words, how could I go back when Mr. Fontaine would be expecting his suit. Oh I am in big trouble.

"Hey relax." A voice beside me bought me back to my senses.

I looked up to see Xavier, his brown eyes comforting me as I struggled to think of an idea.

"Look, Mr. Johnny–sir." I gulped. "I have this boss called Darius Fontaine and well–"

"Mr. Fontaine needs a suit!?" The old man gasped, causing Xavier to also widen his eyes.

"Well why did you not say so, anything for the renowned Fontaine."

I watched, my brows furrowed in confusion as he rushed to my side.

"Tell me my dear, what is it that he would like?"

"I–er. I think it was an Armani suit, something about it being limited edition–"

"Ah yes I recall I had an order for him a few days ago, but why does he want another?"

I fidgeted with the notebook in my hand and peeked up to see Xavier's gaze land on my own. His eyes once again showed me warmth, causing me to blush.

"He actually had it on today, though it was met with an accident."

I heard a hearty chuckle from beside me and saw Xavier hold a hand to his mouth.

"Well such things do occur," the old man replied, "nonetheless I shall make him one for . . . "

"By 6pm."

"Well I shall have it ready for him at 4pm, Miss . . ."

"Elisa, Elisa Downy. Here is my mobile number if you need to get back to me."

"Oh no need, I have Mr. Fontaine's number and shall ring him myself."

"Okay. Well thank you if that's it."

With that, Xavier and I both exited the boutique.

"You never told me your boss was Darius."

"You know him?" I asked, feeling the wind hit me across the face, I was glad to have been wearing something on my feet.

"I guess you can say that."

He seemed to have been looking ahead as he spoke, as though he was in deep thought.

"Well it was nice meeting you Xavier, but I must get going."

"And go back to that dragon of a boss, nonsense we shall eat first then you can go."

"What, no I–I must get back. I already made a mess of my first day, I don't think he'd like me not doing my job."

I tucked a stray strand behind my ear and bit down on my lip.

"You can just say it took a while in the tailors, besides he doesn't need to know."

He winked at me and took a hold of my hand. I gasped, feeling his large hand over mine. It was smooth and warm.

He led me to his car, not knowing where he was actually taking me.

I just met a stranger who is now willing to take me out for lunch.


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