Chapter 4

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Deetranada pov
I cannot believe he treated me like that. I thought we were headed in the right direction with this relationship, but apparently not. I run up the stairs and to my room and unlock my phone. Somehow, I find myself on Nova's Instagram. and scroll through his pictures. He's so damn fine.. No, he was disrespectful, I have to stop thinking of him in that way!
I end up going onto Nia's account and looking through her posts. I was scrolling really fast, and as soon as my finger landed on a picture of her and Nova, a white heart appeared in the middle of the picture. Shit.

I accidentally liked a picture of Nia pulling on Nova's chain. Sighing, mad at myself, I quickly unliked it. I knew it was too late when I got a notification for a like from Nia. The picture she liked was a picture of me crying when I didn't win The Rap Game. That bi-
I try to think about why she would do something like that. I don't even know why she hates me! I haven't done a thing to her.

Clearing my head of my thoughts, I go out to the backyard to get some fresh air. I just wanted the tour to come already. As I walk towards the garage, I hear moving around. Looking through the glass at the top of the door, I see Flau'jae and Roscoe kissing against the wall!

My jaw drops. I quietly rush into the house and back up the stairs, crashing into Key. "Woah, slow your roll, shorty. Why you running through the house?" He questions me. Breathing heavy, I force the words out.
"You know how Flaujae keeps telling everyone that she don't mess with Roscoe and they're just friends?" "Yeah, what's going on?" Key asks, curious.
"Dude, I saw them kissing." I exclaim, grabbing his shoulders.  "I knew she liked him back, that little liar!" He smiled, running down the stairs. "The garage!" I shout, running after him. When we reach the garage, Key silently celebrates. I smile a little and shrug. Flau'scoe is cute! Just then, Tally walks outside. "Hey. You saw them, too?" She asks, giggling. We nod and look at each other.

"Let's go eat." I suggest after a moment and everyone nods. Thank god the cameras come inside tomorrow, they would have embarrassed Roscoe and Flau'jae! They filmed the intro and then let us have time to ourselves today.
We went into the kitchen. Just as Mrs. Patterson was setting the table, J.I. and Nova walked in the door. At least they followed their schedules. "Miss me?" J.I. joked and opened his arms for a hug. "Yeah dummy, I missed you so much. I thought you'd never come back!" I laughed, accepting the hug. I caught Nova's eyes for a second, but he just rolled them and looked away. If I were the old Dee, I probably would have went upstairs and isolated myself from everyone else, but I really wanted to slap him. I thought I had a soft spot for Nova earlier, but apparently not. We had only reunited two days ago, it wasn't that easy.

After we all ate, we went to the living room to watch a movie. It was a corny, cliche movie on Lifetime about a girl making her ex jealous. In the middle of the movie, I got a text from J.I. He told me everything, giving me a list of steps to follow.

"Mani, come here real quick. I wanna talk to you in the kitchen." I whispered, standing up. He looked confused, but did as told.

"Okay, don't be weirded out..I need you to get friendly with me. Like, real friendly. I'm talking 'imma sit on your lap' friendly." I beg, causing him to look very puzzled. I handed him my phone so he could read the texts for himself. He just laughed. He hesitated, but nodded. I rushed and hugged him, thanking him. This was going to be fun.

He walked out before me, as J.I. said, and sat down. A minute later, I came into the room with juice and casually sat on Mani's lap. J.I. smirked, everyone else looking confused. Nova cleared his throat and stared straight ahead, avoiding the sight of us. Mani wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. I went along with it, glancing at Nova again. He looked uncomfortable, squirming and eventually standing up. "I'm gonna head to bed, guys. Goodnight." He said dryly, walking towards the stairs. Everyone said goodnight, still looking confused at me and Mani.

When the movie was over, I rushed up to the bedroom, peeking around the corner. I hear Nova rapping to himself, mumbling.
"I don't know if it's her eyes,
Her smile, her nose. I love everything about her from her head to her toes. Like the way her words flow, the reason why, I don't know, but I'm struggling to show.. my feelings. Diamond, I swear to god, I don't seem to care, but I do. I really wanna be the only one for you. Please give me a try, I just wanna be that guy. The one who shows you love all through the night."

I'm speechless. I have never heard Nova rap like that before. It was like he was a whole different person. Not thinking, I nonchalantly walked into the room. He jumped, looking at me and standing up from the desk he was sitting at.
"Hey." He said, smiling. What the hell? "Uh- hi?" I replied, obviously confused. I could see the response flick a switch in his head as he looked away and sat back down, continuing to ignore me. I just went to my bed and sat up on my phone, ready to go to sleep. J.I. walked into the room about twenty minutes later with some water and left over popcorn from the movie, winking at me. I repeated the action and smiled. I really hope this works.

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