Chapter 4

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                        Sophies Pov
The next morning was weird. She swore Fitz kept looking at her, but maybe it was just her imagination getting the better of her. She really wished he could like her the same way. Sophie knew he couldn't like her because he was 'Fitz Vaker supermodel and cool guy of the elvin world.'

Sophie decided it was time to go home. She hadn't seen Grady and Edeline in a few days. Since she had school tomorrw she wanted to spend the whole day with them.

                        Fitz's Pov
Why did she have to go? Even though she had been here for a while he wasn't sure how long he could wait to see her smile. He realized that he was just being silly. Fitz was going to see her tomorrow so it wasn't as big of a deal, was it?

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