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a/n: This post is geared toward romance and teen fiction. Though some of the tips are broad so they may  apply to other genres! I have developed how-to-list on how to gain more fans, readers, and votes. 

It took nearly a year (really two years) to discover why my stories before were not receiving any feed back  at all!  After a lot of trial and error, I have developed this how-to-list on how to gain more fans, readers, and votes.  I also pointed out some errors that stop people from reading your story! So be sure to check those out too! 

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional and I don't claim to be. People have just asked me for tips and I find myself giving the same advice over and over. So why not make a post of it? 

All hate/negative comments will be deleted. This just a way to help other writers gain more popularity and it may or may not work. 

 How To Get Your Story Featured on the homepage: 

The things you really don't want to hear. 

1) Post every other day or four times a week. 

Americans spend 4-6 hours a night watching TV.  Don't tell me you don't have time. MAKE TIME AND STOP WITH THE EXCUSES. 

2)  Have an exciting cover.

Teen Fiction: Since your story is geared toward young teens, you want to keep the cover somewhat innocent. But you could always stretch the limits by finding an innocent picture of a couple kissing.

Romance/non-teen fiction:  Always stay true to the story and to your own roots.  But if you want more people to look twice at your cover, pick a cover that oozes sexuality.  it doesn't have too be "too racy" either, but it will most likely help you gain more views. If you're writing Romance for adults, you're likely to have sexual themes throughout the story anyway.  Pick a cover that reflects your novel. 

3) Summary: You have two seconds to leave an impression on your reader. And if your first line doesn't grab the attention of your reader, then your reader won't even make it to the first chapter!   

Find your favorite quote from the book and make that the first line of your story. Keep it simple! You don't need to write the entire plot in the summary. Readers like a little mystery! 

4) Don't advertise on another writer's work. I don't care if you think your work is similar. I don't care if you think his/her readers would be interested in your story.  The author will be angry and hurt that you have disrespected their story.  The millions of readers are likely to attack you for such an idiotic move and they won't ever read your story.

You will not be respected as a serious writer if you don't follow this rule.

5)  Don't say this, "Go read my story." 

Really? You are apparently too lazy to give me a detailed description of your story and I don't take demands from strangers. But thank you for wasting two seconds of my life. I'm going to tell everyone  NOT to read your story.

6)   It's okay to advertise your story. It' s okay to ask readers bombard readers and writers to read your novel. Ask the reader or writer if they are taking reading request and ask politey. Give a detailed description of the story. 


7)  Don't Kiss Ass. It will get you nowhere.  

Ex: "I totally love your story, could you check out mine?" 

I don't think you've ever read my work. I think your just lying to  me, so that I will  check out your novel. But if you  just followed rule #6, I would of reviewed your work and left you a thousand beautiful comments.  Now, I don't have to waste my time reviewing your work. Thanks! 

8)  Study the stories that are on the featured page. Pick a low rank. You're more likely to be featured in a low ranking category! It's extremely difficult when your competing with authors that have five hundreds comments on every chapter and almost a million views on the entire book! Carefully pick your ranks, too! 

9) Be respectable to other authors. If you trash a well known story, people will automatically hate you. And no one will care to read your story.

10) Be loyal to all y of our readers. They are likely to recommend your stories to others! 

11) Be grateful for every comment you have! 

12) Don' t take Watt pad too serious. The point of this site is to learn for each other's mistakes, grow as writers, and meet people.  Most of all, have fun! Writing shouldn't a chore! :) 

13) If you think I forgot to add any other important tips, please comment below and let know what tips and things have worked to help promote your story.




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