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Chapter 16

Sixteenth Shock: The Break-Up

"Happy Birthday Zandra!" 

The porridge shop was decorated with light blue and white balloons, light blue petals were scattered all over the floor. Light blue lilies, roses, daisies; even the chairs and tables have light blue and white coverings.

Louise's favorite color is blue, though the guys decided it to be a lighter, girlier shade so that it'll look like a girl's party. Drei intended to convert the porridge shop in light blue themes. Even her cake is a blue and white castle from the Disney movie "Sleeping Beauty". Drei recalls how Louise loves the movie. (A/N: Louise's look at her birthday-- picture on the side) 

"Happy birthday my Princess!" Drei kisses Louise's forehead and gave her a hug. As a birthday present he had given her a necklace with a bluish enchanted rose inside a small facted crystal.

"Thank you Drei, thank you guys!" She smiled at them, teary-eyed. Drei envelopes her into a hug and brushed her hair to the side to put on her necklace. Overjoyed, Louise grabs his collar and gave him a sweet kiss earning an applause from everybody. The celebration is full of excitement when suddenly, Faye's phone buzzed.

It was her father.

"Hello? Dad?"  Faye's voice is trembling with panic written all over her face while looking at Louise and Anne.

"How did you--?" Faye stops while listening to her father on the other line. Tears starting to accumulate in her eye while taking all the disappointing words her father lectured her. Startled by Faye's words, Anne and Louise automatically excuse themselves from the four. 


Meanwhile, Brandt's face suddenly turns pale the moment he heard Faye mention her dad. Turning to his best friends, he saw Drei wide eyed, Chris petrified while Mac in deep thought. Feeling the lump on his throat, Brandt suddenly felt the cold sensation running from his chest to his arms and legs; his whole body felt numb.

The realizations suddenly dawn into him, remembering the conversation he had with her father a week ago. Brandt had tried numerous times to confess to Faye the truth. In fact the night they had that dinner where his ex-girlfriend Zenna appeared was the night he was supposed to tell her the truth. But the mask of situation was suddenly put on the moment Faye defended him.

After leaving the restaurant, Brandt couldn't help but felt worried about Faye's feelings but instead she literally took it the easy way turning out to be more understanding and more willing to hear an explanation. So instead of revealing her his true identity, he ended up explaining to her his past relationship with Zenna.

Again, he failed to tell her the truth so, he constantly keeps on reminding himself that there will be another day for that. And now here they are in a hanging situation, listening to the conversation that Faye, Louise and Anne are into.


"But .. Dad, I'm sorry." Brandt heard Faye's sobs; he hates it when she cries. Wanting to comfort her and hold her into his arms, he tried to approach her when Mac stopped him; shaking his head to him. Nodding at Mac, Brandt shifted his attention back to Faye to see her handing the phone to Louise while Anne was rubbing her shoulders trying to calm her down.

"Uncle? Yes I'm fine, thank you. My birthday is not complete with you and auntie. I'm sorry uncle. Sorry to disappoint you uncle. but we just want to--" Louise sentence ends. Drei can feel her pain too. He can see it in her face; full of shame and regrets. He saw her nodding while listening to Mr. Hitachiin on the other line with tears falling wildly . After a couple of minutes, she finally handed the phone to Anne.