[2] The Mission

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A/N: Heya! This story is inspired by "Agent Phoenix: On The Case" by OncillaKitten. BTW sorry if there are similar things in the story cause I'm kinda writing this off the top of my head for some reason.

Oh yeah if you haven't read that book yet go check it out - RATED TEM OUTTA TEM.. I mean 10/10.

Jess' POV

I woke up to exactly the same announcement from yesterday. "All Sky Army sector agents please report to my office. I repeat, all Sky Army sector agents please report to my office."

   I changed into the same thing I wore yesterday except I wore a light gray blouse instead of a dark purple midriff top. I rushed out my room, being first to the office followed by Ross, Shelby, Adam, John, Max, and lastly Cory.

"Agents, as you know we have a recent outbreak of evil magicks users known as Shadow Knights, who work for a mysterious man we call the Shadow Lord. Sources say that there are Shadow Knights transferring to Phoenix Drop High, though we don't know if there were already SKs in the school. Your mission, is to find out why SKs are transferring to PDH and put a stop to their evil doings. Your flight leaves in... 4 hours, so you'd better get going. It takes an hour to get to the airport. Your houses and clothes are already there, so just pack handcarry and don't forget your spy gadgets. The girls have one house while the boys have another."

   I went to pack. I packed my spy gadgets which consisted of a grappling hook, an enchanted ring that can change my outfit to my spy clothes with a simple double-tap, a handgun (and its ammo), an earpiece connected to all Sky Army members plus Boss and a choice of an extra gadget. I chose a charm bracelet with smoke bomb charms in case I need a quick getaway.

   Soon we reached the airport and did the whole airport process. We then boarded the plane and reached Phoenix Drop a few hours later. Both houses were the same size, fitting about six people, so for us it had more space than we aleady needed. I darted to the lilac-colored room and set my backpack down.

   Once we settled in I turned on the Smart TV and went to Netflix. For the rest of the day we binge watched Midnight 1-4, it was great. Except Shelbs and I fell asleep halfway through the last movie until I got a call from my earpiece.

"SHU, BUDDER! Tell your roommates to come up with a fake name; spies never tell people their real name." Boss said, yelling the first part.

"Okay!" I hear Adam reply.

"Huh? Oh.. mhmm, yeah. Good night." Then I dozed off.

Adam's POV

   Wait, did Aph say good night? It's still, like, 10pm! Oh, right. There's school tomorrow and Aph lost some sleep from training late at night.

"Hey guys Boss said to come up with fake names." I told them.

"Okay then. I shall be called Weeniebutt." Ross, who was playing Overwatch with Max, declared, not looking away from the screen.

"Mithzan will be mine." Says Max, not looking away from the screen as well.

"I's wills be Barneys." Says John in his fake weird accent he uses all the time when we're outside the agency.

"I guess I'll just use Scape." Shrugs Cory.

"And I will be Sky!" I chirped.

Heya! If you wanna see what their houses look like just say so. See ya on the next chappie!

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