128. The Prom (Part 7)

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Adele turned around "Francesco just wait for the film to finish... I like the actor..." She gulped at his mischivous smile making her lose her breath. Before she knew it,  Adele found him moving on top of her slowly as his stare was making her brace herself with some of the most passionate moments that he made happen. She was in so much trouble now. Francesco was very jealous.

Adele found herself underneath him. He pinned down her hands. He kept his weight off her but still she couldnt move. He leaned closer and his breath brushed her lips "So beautiful and perfect but you are my rule breaker... I dont even know this actor's name but I will find out and  then you wont be seeing him in this job of his so you cant find him appealing..."

Adele quickly spoke " Please dont...   Francesco please... Dont get him sacked... If I loved him I would have married him... I only love you... You are my husband...."

Francesco leaned close and silenced her with a kiss. He moaned as he deppend the kiss. Her lips tasted so good. He broke away and looked into her eyes " My rule breaker... What do I do with you?...." He then leaned close and kissed her again. Once he tasted those lips he wanted more. He was never satisfied with devouring her lips." As they were kissing, suddenly the phone rang in the next room. Francesco groaned as he pulled away "Dont move... I am coming back and we are going to finish  where we left off." He then slowly got up from top of her.

Adele was breathing hard "Francesco... What will you do the actor? Are you getting him sacked?... Dont do that please..."

Francesco walked away as he warned " Rule breaker, Dont worry about him.. Worry about yourself... You have to convince me that you dont find him more intersting than your husband when I come back..."

Adele breathed "I dont find him intersting. Please dont make him lose his job. He has wife and children..."

Francesco stopped and turned around "He does... Thats great.. because I was going to take him to church and make him get married too actually... I guess  I wont get him sacked but I think he might suddenly realise he would be better at script writing from now on..."

Adele shook her head as she sat up "Francesco..." She sighed. Her husband may have sounded like he was joking. But he wasn't. He was truly jealous in every way. If he found a man to be a threat he would have killed them. But her husband didnt find the hollywood stars a threat so maybe the guy was safe. She turned off the TV. She didnt feel like watching the film any more. She had put the actor in danger.

Just then she heard her husband from the other room talking on the phone. It sounded like it was Emanuelle O'Neil and her husband didnt sound pleased.

"Emanuelle. Today is Saturday. What makes you think you can call my personal phone that I have for emergencies. call my men downstairs... I am spending time with my wife..." Francesco was growling in the other room.

Adele sat on the sofa with her arms crossed waiting. It must have been an emergency.

"What? Viggo? My son has done what? With Angelia Andovini? Thats impossible..."

Adele's heart started beating fast. She froze on the sofa as she was listening intently. The Andovii name was even forbidden to be spoken in Rosario names... What had her son son done?

Francesco's voice boomed" I need to talk to my son. I need to hear it from him. There is no way he would be kissing Angelia Andovini in that tape. This doesnt add up. He wont do that without telling me. He won't be with the enemy.  I cant believe this... I will be there in 15 minutes..."

Adele stood up shakily watching her husband looking quite angry. As Francesco saw her his furious expression softened " Sweetheart. I have to find out if what O'Neil is claiming is true... He says Viggo is in love with an Andovini..."

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