Cartman x suicidal! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling this is a request from @billcipherloverlove !!! Thanx for the request!! And if blood, depression and suicidal stuff triggers you, please don't read....You are beauitful my awesome readers!!!~

~ Your POV~

I sat in my room.....alone, worthless and a suicidal freak. My eyes are watery and puffy, my wrists and ankles bleed out while the metal that made my pain go away sat next to me..... I did this not because of bullies or family troubles but because know it sounds stupid and crush/boyfriend Eric Cartman (I know Eric Cartman the racists big-boned asshole) loves Heidi turner.......he fooled with my feelings.....he bumped me for someone that doesn't love him.......I was just a toy for his pleasure....

So today, I was at home....crying my eyes out and making my body have scars all's been a few days since Eric broke up with me....I've been starving myself and downing diet pills...I figured that I was too fat and ugly for him.....I'm not good enough for him.....

I sat down in my bathroom, making the blood spill of my wrists........

~2 weeks later and Third person POV~

(Y/n) hasn't been at the school for weeks, her friends were getting worried so they went to visit her........but Cartman was going there too.....

~Your POV~

I sat in my room, still crying so I grabbed my razor and sliced my wrists open making 37 new cuts on my wrists. I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror, I was pale and boney, my eyes were sank-in in and bags were permanently placed under my eyes, I had noticeable cheekbones and you could nearly see my teeth through my skin, I had a thigh gap that every girl wanted....

I grabbed my diet pills and downed 3 pills.....I was about to take more but I heard a knock on my bedroom door.......I opened the door to see 3 boys eyes widened, "(Y/n) is that you?" Kyle said with wide eyes walking towards me...

"Kyle, i'm fine," I said, his eyes moved down to my wrists, he saw blood and grabbed my wrists looking at them

"(y/n) what is this?" Kyle asked

My eyes started to water. "It's nothing, I'm not worth your worrying, I'm not good enough for anything," I said not looking at kyle.

"(Y/n) don't say that......" he said

"I'm just not worth anything, I'm not worth love or Cartman...i'm useless," I said while tears run down my face

"(Y/n) your not worth that asshole" kyle said

"Kyle I'm really dizzy~" I said feeling dizzy. I blacked out...

~Kyle's POV~

She blacked out, Oh my god we need to take her to the hospital. I pick her up and run her to the hospital while running, I saw Cartman and Heidi walking together, I walked up to him, "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO (Y/N)!!! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, YOU MADE HER STAVE AND CUT HERSELF!!" I yelled before running, Stan punched him in the face and Kenny kicked him in the balls running away.

Once I got there, the doctors and nurses took her off we wait..

~One day later~

She was still the hospital, at least she was awake and eating, today I'm making Cartman come and apologize for what he did to (y/n), he has to tell her something very important...

~Your POV~

I was in hospital awake, I heard a knock on my door, the person came in and it was Cartman, he sat on the chair beside my bed. "(Y/n) I'm so sorry for breaking up with you and making you do this to yourself.......I feel horrible....the only reason I broke up with you is because Heidi forced me into it and if I didn't do it, she and her friends would have hurt you and I couldn't live with it.......I hate myself for putting you through this....can you forgive me and take me back?" He said, with tears in his eyes.

I nodded and he jumped out of his chair and he developed me in a hug, he kissed my cheek repeatedly and he pecked my lips repeatedly, every kiss sends electricity through my body....."I've missed you" he said before kissing me on the lips full of passion.

I'm with the love of my life again...

~Hope you liked it!!! Soz that's it's late~ 

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