9. In search of the armor

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*Pic: Unknown as Reinhart Drakos, the Greek archeologist.*

    It was the lunch hour when Kay finally came in search of Addy.  He was sitting morosely in the pantry cum dining area alone, after Shaheer and the others left after lunch.  One look at Kay's grinning face had the young man feeling better.  He jumped up and asked eagerly, "How did it go?"  "Bonzer!!" she exclaimed.  "We are in.  I had to really work hard to convince him though.  Although he agreed, we still have to await confirmation from the Chairman.  Mr. Kher promised to talk to him today and let me know tomorrow.  If all goes well, we'll be able to go by the end of the month.  Mr. Kher still has some reservations about sending just two junior archeologists, but luckily for us, all the senior people are tied up with big projects already and would not be able to spare the time for at least another six months." 

She giggled happily.  "You know, I nearly passed out when he said he'd like to come with me too."  Addy looked at her in shock.  "What?  Do you mean to say he is coming with us?  How on earth are we to search for the kavacha and disappear with it without losing our jobs and probably being put in jail?" he almost shouted.  "Calm down," laughed Kay.  "Of course he is not coming.  He hasn't even gone on a national field visit in years, and this is an international one.  He was just trying to be kindly and protective.  I assured him that after this Chennai trip, I felt I could rely on you, and it would be much easier to send you since you have less responsibilities here.  He did see reason, though he was grumbling a little about sending you on an international trip when you were still new and inexperienced and did not deserve it," she said.  "New? Huh...I've been working my butt off for the past two years for that old tyrant.  And how does he think I'm going to get experience when I'm shut up in a filing room all day?" he asked indignantly.

    "Yeah well, I can't imagine why he is hard on you.  But he did ultimately agree to my plan.  I have to prepare a formal report about it, and how we are going to go about the investigation.  I better get on with my sanger," she said, hastily getting out her sandwiches and bottle of fruit juice.  She sat down and started munching quickly.  "When do you have to give him this report?" asked Addy.  "By three o'clock, so that he can talk to the Chairman later with the report ready at hand.  He said he might even go to meet the Chairman at his house since they are old college mates, and show him the report," replied Kay.  "I'll help you prepare the report if you like," said Addy.  "I'm done in the filing room for the day.  I was so apprehensive about whether he would or not agree to the journey, I worked very quickly and am now a day ahead of my work," grinned Addy.  "Spiffy, come to my cabin with me, and we will discuss what to put in the report.  And maybe even plan about where to go to in Greece first, although we have a lot of time for that yet," said Kay.

    Kay's cabin was actually a large cubicle in one of the bigger office rooms.  She had tried to make it look cosier by adding a bright rug on the floor, photographs of her parents and a smiling couple with a baby on the desk, as well as a few knick-knacks on the shelf behind her.  It was still a bleak-looking government office room.  Addy sat down on the single guest swivel chair and waited for Kay to get a pen and paper ready.  "It's funny how they still prefer a physical report than a digital one," said Kay.  "I could have done this on my lappie so much more easily and quickly," she sighed.  "Ok, so I'll first put in what I found at Chennai.  That reminds me, I need to make a formal report about my discovery of the first parchment at the library and why we went to Chennai.  I'll do it later since it is not urgently required now.  So....here goes," she said writing rapidly on the sheet of paper.  Addy waited until she paused and asked, "What is our real plan once we get there?" 

    "We'll go to Crete.  It is the eastern-most part of Greece that is also historically well known.  Travelers from the east must have stopped there before they went on to the mainland.  I want to go to their museum there and see what we find.  If we do not find anything, we'll have to visit any island that has a museum.  After that, we could go to Athens and look into the many museums there.  First and most important will be the National Archeological Museum with the Acropolis museum a close second.  Hopefully, we will find some clue in one of these museums.  If we don't, we go to the Pindus range," she said.  "Why the Pindus range?" asked Addy.  "I did a little research and found out the 'spine of Greece' mentioned in the Sanskrit inscription is the Pindus range," replied Kay.  "I don't know how much to put on this report however.  Do you think we should mention everything?" she asked.  "No, definitely not.  It would be very suspicious," said Addy at once.  "Put in the bit about the museums.  But leave out where specifically we might go, such as about the Pindus range," he advised.  "Okay," said Kay, writing again. 

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