I Want This Part 2.

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I felt someone shake me awake making me groan and push their hands away. I heard cute giggles making me smile a little and slowly open my eyes. I looked up and saw Bella and Kendall with amused looks on their faces.

Bella:"We know you love us but your girl is almost ready"She said making me shot out id bed.

Y/n:"Shit! Shit!"I said running around the room looking for clothes.

Kendall:"Go shower...we'll look for your clothes"She said making me smile and bolt straight to the bathroom. Once I finish have my cold shower I walked out to my room and saw my clothes laid out making me smile.

I changed into my Black jeans and Yeezus shirt with my black Adidas superstars and headed downstairs to see the girls smiling at me.

Y/n:"Good morning ladies"I said having a bite of Bella's bacon making her hit me.

Freya:"You're happy...."She said amused. I smiled and nodded grabbing my phone and wallet along with my backpack.

Y/n:"Of course I am"I said looking at them"I'm spending a whole week with my girlfriend and we finally get to have a somewhat normal couple of days..."I said making them nod and smile at me.

Hanna:"You really love her don't you?"She asked making me nod.

Y/n:"Yeah...why?"I asked cause all of them were looking at me and smiling like idiots.

Kim:"It's just nice to see you happy"She said making me smile.

Khloe:"Plus both of you deserve each other..."She said making me look down and blush. I heard the door open and close making me spin around and see Gigi and Kylie walk in.

Kylie:"Hey Y/n/n"She said putting her bag down.

Gigi:"Hey Y/n/n...Hails just left now"She said making me nod. I put my suitcase in my car and looked to see them all looking at me and smiling.

Kendall:"Group hug!!!"She said making me chuckle and walk towards them. They all pulled me in a killer bear hug making me chuckle. We hugged for a few minutes when they decided to pull away.

Gigi:"Have fun!"She said making me smile and nod.

Y/n:"We will"I said hopping in my car.

Kourtney:"Tell us when you arrive safely"She said making me nod and start the car. I was backing out the driveway when they all yelled"Love you Y/n/n"making me smile and honk.

I drove over to the airport and checked all my luggage in. I made sure my car was seen to and everything was perfect before heading to the private jet that we have. My parents travel a lot so yeah we have our own jet. As soon as I entered the plan I was pulled into a bone crushing hug making me chuckle.

Hailey:"I missed you"She said in my chest making me chuckle and kiss her head.

Y/n:"I missed you too baby"I said making her look up at me. I leaned forward and pecked her lips a few times making her smile and pull my face closer smashing our lips together.

Hailey:"Hmmm...that's better"She said pulling away making me smirk and nod.

Y/n:"Indeed it is"I said. We took our seats when they announced that we were leaving. Hailey pulled out her phone and kissed my cheek making me look at her and the camera.

Hailey:"When bae takes me on vacation...."She said to the phone and then kissing my cheeks making me smile and kiss her nose. All of a sudden I felt soft lips on mine making me smile and kiss back and then a click of the camera go off.

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