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"grandpa, grandpa!"

"yes? what's the matter?" the old man says as he rocks on his rocking chair.

"mommy just found this in the attic!" the little boy places a book on the lap of the old man. "it's pretty dusty..." he says, coughing exaggeratedly.

"oh, what's th--" he suddenly stops talking.

"grandpa?" the boy questions, concerned about his grandpa's silence.

"say, taesung," the old man begins. "would you like to hear a story?"

"yeah!" the boy exclaims. "about what?"

"about the old man sitting in front of you," he says as he lifts the five year old boy into his lap.

"and the woman that made him the man he is today." 

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a/n: hello! i am back with another story. ap tests are finally over (but sat subject tests and act arent kms) but i love wattpad more than tests <3

if you guys haven't guessed it, jungkook is the grandpa, and he's having a conversation with his grandson.

this story is inspired by a webtoon i read a while back. i forgot what it's called but i wanted to give credit to them, even if it's not much.

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