The Rose Pavilion

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"Did you get us lost, Tamaki?"

He grunted and whipped his head around, trying to figure out where we were.

"We are lost, aren't we?"

"Look, (Y/n)! I found a great hiding placed over here!" He shouted from around a corner.

Yeah, we are totally lost.

I walked over to him and he led us to a pavilion covered in roses. It was actually quite beautiful.

"So we are stranded until someone finds us? Great. It's a good thing you made Kyoya "it"."

We sat down at the table in the pavilion, sitting rather close to each other. "You know, I never would have thought I would be playing games like this once I got into High School."

"But don't you think this is fun?" Tamaki asked.

"Yeah, I guess, but I haven't done anything like this since I was in elementary school."

"Yeah? I see. It's new to me. When I was growing up, I never really had any friends that were my age. My mother would get sick very easily, I was always worried about her, so I didn't go out and play much. Instead I would do my best to cheer her up, I'd always sit beside her and play the piano."

He can play the piano? I didn't know that.

He continued, "That's probably why now I love playing these silly games with all of you. It's a lot of fun!" He turned to me and gave me a big smile.

"Tamaki, I didn't know you could play the piano."

He looked into my eyes and smiled, "Well, I didn't know you could sing."

My eyes widened, "What? How did you know that I-" I stopped myself. Kyoya. I growled and felt my cheeks getting warm.

Tamaki scooted closer to me and brushed some hair out of my eyes, "You know you are adorable when you are angry, and yes, Kyoya did tell me." I felt him place his hand on top of mine, "Hey, tell you what, I will play the piano for you, if you will sing for me. Deal?"

I considered it for a moment. I definitely wanted to hear him play, but I wasn't sure about my singing. I smiled, "Deal."

Tamaki's eyes lit up and he wrapped an arm around me, "We should do this again sometime."

I hesitated at first, but decided to rest my head on his shoulder, "I think so too."

Tamaki copied my action and rested his head on mine. After that we just sat there, saying nothing and just enjoying each other's company.

I was on the verge of dozing off when I heard someone say, "I found you!" That someone being Kyoya. I opened my eyes and saw everyone standing there. They all looked a little confused at the scene they just walked into.

Tamaki cleared his throat and removed his arm from around me. "Where's the Newspaper Club?" He asked.

"They had to cancel, something came up," The twins answered, "they said they're going to focus on writing respectable articles. So maybe they'll get by without having to shut down."

We stood up and started heading back to the school. "Oh, really? That's good news." Tamaki said.

"Let's hurry back to the club room and eat some cake!" Honey shouted from Mori's shoulders.

"That does sound good! Cake! Cake!" Tamaki cheered.

I shifted my position and started walking next to Kyoya, "Kyoya, I was wondering. Is the Suoh family really that big a deal around here?"

"Well, the foundation of their business lies in corporate finance, but they do have some extensive real estate as well. You've heard of The Roy Grand Hotel and the Outo Theater. They also have a hand in other things, like school management for example." He explained.

"I didn't know that. Which school?"

Kyoya stopped in his tracks and looked at me strange

"Why, Ouran Academy. You've been here long enough that you should at least know what the chairman of the school board's name is."

I couldn't think straight. Tamaki's dad is the chairman?? How did I not know this, or better yet how has no one ever mentioned it before!

"(Y/n)!" I heard Tamaki call. I turned around to face the chairman's son. "Hurry it up dear, or we're going to leave you! I would hate for you to end up lost again!"

I just stared at him for a few seconds, trying to wrap my head around what Kyoya just informed me of.

I just hope his dad is nothing like him. Then all of my nightmares would have come true.

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