Struggle for Cereal

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Hey Bloomers. I'm so sorry I have been having some technical difficulties with wattpad. On Sunday it crashed on me, so I couldn't get in. Then since I'm very forgetful I forgot my password, so I tried to log in and it told me there was no email in the system! Which is crazy! So anyway I finally got back to having everything fixed! So here is the chapter!!!! 

When I woke up, I did my daily routine. Went to the shower in the on suite, put on some leggings and an oversized sweater. This may sound really strange but, they really did a good job with kidnapping because they packed all of my favorite clothes. I laughed at my awkward thoughts while changing. Then put on some makeup that Leslie lent me, more like gave me, because the boys didn’t think I needed it. Are they crazy! I look like a zombie especially with all the crying and stressing out I have been doing. Then I went down stairs and got myself some breakfast.  It was still very awkward because everyone still gave me dirty looks. If your alpha is over it, you should be too. I swear half of them don’t even know why everyone doesn’t like me, but just go with it because of the rest. And guess who was there with her little minions flirting with Ben like I wasn’t even there. You all are right! Samantha the bitch. Yes I added the bitch part, but it works. I’m not even jealous it’s just that she is just a bitch in general. 

I decided that it wasn’t a big deal and pretended that no one was in the kitchen. As I went to get the milk I hear a voice cough behind the door. At first I decided to just ignore it, but they didn’t like that. They closed the door in my face, luckily I had already got my milk, and just went on with pouring it into my bowl. And this definitely got the person mad because they decided to flip my bowl. Finally I turned to see the culprit.

“Can you just leave me alone!” I yell at him frustrated.

“No I can’t!” Ben yells backing matching my tone.

Is he really trying to make fun of me? I try to push past him to grab a new bowl, but he won’t budge. “Move.” I sternly say.

“No.” he says holding back a smirk. I look around and everyone is giggling. The giggling is giving me chills, as I start to remember how it was four years ago. My breaths start to become irregular as my heart beats begin to quicken. I close my eyes and try to remind myself that this is not four years ago. But it’s not working. Instead of calming me down, it just makes me remember more moments when this kind of thing happened. I can’t let them see me hurt again, so I turn around and dash out as fast as possible. I make it out of the kitchen, but once in the hallway I feel a pair of arms grab me around the waist. I can tell that it is Ben by the way my body is heating up by his touch. I try frantically to pry his arms off my waist, but his grasp on me is too strong. “Calm down Julia.” He whispers into my ear. “Leave me alone!” I scream trying to wiggle out of his arms. ”Sssh I have you.” He again whispers and pulls me into his body. “Let go of me Ben!” I frantically scream. Ignoring me, he turns me around, still in his arms, and starts to rub my back to calm me down. I finally calm down after a couple minutes and look up at him.

He then wipes my tears away and puts the fly away hairs behind my ear. “Thanks.” I breathlessly say.

“There’s no need.” He smiles back at me. I swear this moment was like the ones in those romance novels, I have hidden under my bed. They are my guilty pleasure. Anyways I literally couldn’t breathe, and not because I was having another meltdown, but because I was having these feelings towards Ben. He leaned down to, I think, kiss me and I froze. We were only centimeters apart that I could feel his quickened breath blowing like a fan against my redden cheeks. I was under his enchantment.

“Julia!” I hear my name being screamed breaking the spell. I look to my left to see Daniel, of all people, being chased down by some of Ben’s guards. I immediately jump out of Ben’s arms and race over to Daniel.

“How… how did you find me?” I asked shocked. After the millions of calls and texts he has yet to respond to, he shows up now of all moments.  Before he can answer Ben’s guards tackle him to the ground. “Get off of him!” I shout trying to pull them off. “Ben!” I look back at him hoping that he might help, but he is just smirking away. “Ben!” I scream now with anger in my voice.

“Guys get off of him.” He tells them casually. And of course they listen, but two still hold him. One on each arm.

“Let go of him, he isn’t a prisoner.” I yell at them. They look up at Ben, who nods his head, and they let go. I run up to him. “Are you ok?” I ask concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine with getting a whole football team tackled by me. Plus before that I see my fiancé in other man’s arms.” He answers sarcastically.

I have never heard him speak this way before. “You’re making it seem like were romantically involved.” I say trying to defend my actions.

“Well you looked pretty cozy to me.”

“What is wrong with you? You couldn’t even answer my calls or texts. Then come in here blaming me for things that aren’t even true!” What is going on with him? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Ben the asshole and Daniel the loving. I swear it’s opposite day.

“Were weren’t doing anything.” Ben pips in. I turn around and give him a look. Not one of those nasty ones, but I’ve got this look.

“Wait you’re the one who kidnapped her! And claimed to be her fiancé?” Daniel realizes walking over to Ben.

I put my head in my hands. This is not going to go well. You have an angry fiancé, an arrogant alpha, and his bodyguards who will kill anyone who threatens him. I try to put myself in the middle and calm Daniel down, but Ben just pushes me out of the way. I can’t even understand what they are arguing about, it’s like a tennis match each dig is like the ball going back and forth between the opponents. I try to fake being hurt, but there both too oblivious to even notice me. Really if you’re going to fight over a girl you should at least notice her when she’s hurt, or even pretending to be hurt. Then I see out of the corner of my eye Katerina coming, more like running, towards us. Out of breath she manages to get her message out. “You better hurry it’s your dad!” She grabs me. I didn’t even care about the two idiots fighting at this moment. My father’s life was in danger.

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