Chapter 13: Lily

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593rd sol- 23:00

We had been hiking for about ten minutes. The hills were hard to climb and the valleys were like slides. After the first five minutes, I had started to envy Seth and Tom's route. On the map it indicated that they were going through a forest which, in my opinion, was way easier to get through. Our path was much harder. The terrain was like that of a riverbed and desert. The top of the hills were smooth as glass and the sides were the shards that had been eroded from the hills.

"Lily, it's time to get moving again." Rachel told me, we had stopped for a water break.

"Ok, let's go." I told them, Rachel had me leading us because I had memorized the plans. "We're one click south of the prison tower."

We kept hiking for another five or ten minutes when Rachel who was watching our rear whisper-hissed "Get down!" She waved her arms dramatically.

We hit the ground but weren't thinking and rolled down the hill. I felt the cuts and scrapes but kept as quiet as possible. When we hit the bottom we all landed on top of each other. We were in what looked like a dry riverbed. "What'd we drop for?" I asked Rachel, a little irritated.

"There's a scout party that was headed our way. We'll be lucky if they didn't see us. There were three. Matt, Point your gun at that ridge and keep watch." She said, still whispering. We sat crouched for what felt like hours but must've only been about ten minutes.

Then, right as we were starting to come out of our crouched positions, we heard a steady crunching sound getting louder and louder. Rachel and Matt jumped down for cover again and pointed their rifles in the direction of the sound. We saw their headlights first. They looked like the lights on our space suits. Then the first one's head appeared over the ridge. He had a black and gray suit. It was a very scary sight, he was soon accompanied by another in a similar suit. They both carried rifles that looked like cannons.

The third that showed up looked a bit different. He didn't look like he out ranked the others, just a different specialty. While the other two looked like commandos, he looked like a tech officer or something. he didn't carry a rifle but instead had a tablet and was staring very intently at it.

Suddenly he looked right at us and pointed! The two had their rifles leveled at us and were ready to fire. I though I was dead when I heard two, quick vooms from right next to my head and the Exos dropped. Rachel and Matt had been ready and put one shot in the Exos head before they had had time to realize our exact position and open fire. The third however was quicker. he turned and ran. "Quick! Don't let him get away! The others'll know we're here!" Rachel said frantically as we all sprinted up the hill.

Rachel and Matt had to carry their guns but I had nothing. I scrambled up the hill faster than the wind. I dropped next to one of the dead Exos and grabbed his rifle. I picked it up, took aim, and fired. What came next was amazing!!! The gun had not trigger delay, a light blue sphere about the size of a golf ball fired out of the barrel going as fast as any bullet. When it hit the Exo his whole body seized up and he dropped.

"Nice shot!!" Rachel exclaimed as she got to the top of the hill, "How'd you do that?!"

"Point and pull the trigger!!" I said with just as much enthusiasm. O looked at the gun a little more and realized that there were two select switches. Rachel and Matt were examining the other rifle when I saw the Exo starting to get up. "Guys! Look!" I said, he was getting to his knees and starting to rise. "Do you wanna take him Rachel?" I asked frantically but she didn't have a chance to answer.

Matt had the other rifle and had shot at the Exo before Rachel gave any orders. What came out of his gun was very different.

His shot a golf ball sized sphere but it was a blood red color. When it hit the Exo, instead of him seizing up like when I shot him, he just dropped. I was like all life had been sucked out of him. Even before he hit the ground, somewhere inside of me I knew he was dead.

"What was that?!" I exclaimed. "What'd you do to your gun?!"

"Nothing!! I just switched the second switch up!!" He said getting a little defensive.

I smirked as I flipped the switch on my gun. I pointed it out over the dunes and fired. The same blood red colored ball came out of my gun. "Cooool....." I said in a kind of drawn-out whisper. "Let's go!" I said as we started back from where we came.

593rd sol- 23:36

"I'll use the torch to cut a hole in the wall, you two watch me back. Once the hole is open, I'll get it off the way and you two breach first. Ok?" I was filling them in on the plan I had thought of on the last part of our hike. One inside, Rachel would lead or team to search for John.

"Let's make it quick, we won't know what happened to Seth and Tom until we get back." Matt said.

"Or they get captured, or the hangar explodes." I said with a chuckle.

I started for the wall with a torch in my hand. Cutting into the wall was slow and hot work. It took about four minutes to get through. I looked at both of them and made eye contact. Then I mouthed "Three, two, one" and pushed the cut piece of wall in. There was a loud clang of metal hitting metal.

Matt rushed through in front of Rachel and dropped to his knee. He lifted his gun and shot something I couldn't see. Rachel was next through. She jumped through and dropped to a knee as well but didn't shoot.

I was there last one through. We had cut into a hallway that was right next to the wall. There was a camera at the other end and it looked like it was off. The light on top was off and it was hanging at a weird angle from the ceiling.

"Move for the elevator." Rachel said and we started moving. We got to the elevator. There were two, side by side. We hit the up button and the doors opened almost instantly. We all stepped in, Matt going first and disabling the camera.

"We'll start on the 67th floor." Rachel told​ us. We must have looked confused because she them added "During our command training, that's the level they told us their best cells were. You know, for the high security prisoners."

The elevator took about 30 seconds. When we were getting to the top we all raised our guns and got ready but it was pretty anticlimactic. The doors opened with a ding and there was no one there. We walked out and looked around. Again, Matt shot twice when he got out. One shot down each end of the hall. Two more cameras down.

"You know, when we come across a computer, I'm gonna put all the cameras on a loop. If we take out too many cameras they're gonna start getting suspicious." I told them as we were going down the hall.

There was a display on every cell door with the prisoner's name on it. Lots were empty but a couple had really weird names. It looked like they were Exo traitors or something. We searched the floor by wings. There were eight on each floor.

On the first wing, I find a computer and set all the cameras on a loop like planned. On the fifth wing, we came across a cell that read "Earth prisoner." It was the most promising cell we had come across.

We opened the door with it find guns raised. It was a small 8x8 room with a bed, toilet, and a sink.

It took a second but there, in the corner, sitting on the bed, was a person curled up, laying on his side. It took another moment for me to realize that it was John.


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