Chapter Forty Four

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I woke up at six thirty AM the next morning. I was still so tired but I had to leave before anyone saw me leaving Lucas's room. By six I knew all the boys would still be sleeping like dead people because of the drinks they'd had the night before. Now was the chance for me to get away.

I turned to Lucas who was sleeping by my side. He looked so comfortable. I caressed his cheek and his eyes fluttered open. I stared at him. Even waking up from sleep he looked good.

 Even waking up from sleep he looked good

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"I'm leaving." I whispered.

"Wh– why?"

"Wouldn't want to get caught. Catch you later, rich kid."

I got up and wore my panties, bra and dress. I held my shoes in my hand to be able to move easily.

Lucas sat up, running his fingers through his morning hair.

"Will we meet later today?" he asked.

"I don't know."

Without further ado, I sneakily left his room.


I'd succeeded in leaving the house without anyone seeing me. All the guys were fast asleep.

When I arrived the beta house, I waisted no time. I ran up to my room and collapsed on my bed. I needed more sleep.
I woke up hours later due to the sound of rain drops hitting my room's window. I yawned and sat up.

Checking the time, I saw it was eleven and decided to shower. I smelt like good sex. I was still really tired but I preferred to shower first before continuing my sleep, and so I got out of bed, got rid of my clothes and headed straight for bathroom.

I grabbed my plan B pills from the sink and popped one. I'd been so carried away with Lucas the previous night that I forgot to ask him to wear a condom.

I was soon done and all comfortable in my sleeping shorts and huge T-shirt. Just as I got on the bed and prepared to take off from where I'd ended, I received a call from Yasmin.

"Hello, Yazz." I said, yawning.

"Hmm, someone does sound tired. I bet there was a party yesterday."

"Yup. I got headache right now."

"You drank too much?"

"Not really."

"You fucked too much?"

"Hahaha! Bish, shut up."

"Then what??"

"I did something I'll regret throughout my relationship with Rick and throughout my stay here in Greenwill."

"What is it?"

"I'll tell you later. Gotta sleep."

"Okey. I'll be waiting. Don't forget!"

"I won't."

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