*18 - The Bridge, The Battles

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I ask, "Did you see Rama and Lakshman?"

"I could only see the start of the first battle. The immense able trained Rakshasas warriors with swords and arrows facing small animals with long sticks and stones. Everyone readied for war."

"Trijata?" I ask again, "Did you see Rama and Lakshman?"

Before she answered, Ravana comes with the cut head of Rama, Dizzy, I fell to the ground. Ravana laughs, "My General Prahasta killed him in the night while he was sleeping, now you are mine." His demands are interrupted by shouts of battles. Ravana tosses the head on the ground, smiling at me.

Trijata tells me the head of Rama is an illusion, which helps the demons scare others to win the battles. The chariot Pushpaka would not raise with Sita inside; you are not a widow."

Trijata hugs me and tells of her dreams, "Rama wins, and Sita freed of Ravana threats, forever. You will see Rama again."

Trijata asks with sadness, "Sita, please forgive the Rakshasas we fear the Daemon Ravana and do his bidding. We are not evil and want none of this. Ravana was to be a leader of great wisdom; he went the way of his jealous, angry grandfathers."

I notice the eyes of the god's wife smile at me. My Rakshasas guards do not look so ugly and peer at me as if asking my forgiveness.

Trijata says, "As a wasp, I will fly into the Ravana war council. A monkey prince, Angada, the son of Vali, Ravana ally comes to talk to Ravana."

Back to the Asoko trees, Trijata flies. "Angered Anyala said, "Rama will never leave until you give Sita back. You think being evil makes you better." Ravana threw Angala out. Ravana yelled and screamed this was his life, and he could have Sita. Ravana ordered General Prahasta with his warriors into battle."

Off the wasp flies again. I wait impatiently pacing listening for sounds of Rama's voice. Returning after hours, Trijata is excited. My Rakshasa guards gather to hear the news.

"First fighters were the 3rd, and 2nd ranked Warriors. Ravana said easy to take over the mere men animal monkeys, bears, and lions. And seeing these creatures armed with clubs and stones, these warriors retreat into the city.

"Next brings General Prahasta bring on the 1st class elite Warriors, who are never defeated. General Prashasta drank a glass of elixir and ate the hottest peppers. Fire came from his mouth, his chariot armed with knives. The warriors screamed the war pledge for battle and raced through the city gates. The monkeys and bears ran, throwing rocks. Split by the general armies they retreat. Then, Nala, who built the bridge, throws something through his weight and the mountain of Lanka lurched upsetting the balance. Then Nala threw a wheel of the chariot at the General Prahasta, who dead with flames coming from his mouth. Dead bodies are everywhere."

We hold my hands while she talks. Then off she flies as a wasp. Relieved, I sit on the ground, then I laid on the ground, and looked into the sky while hearing shouts of death and victory. I watch the gods, Brahma, Shiva and Prihivi, the thousand-eye Indra, Vayu, the wind, Surya, the sun, and Narada, the Heavenly Poet, observing the battles. My concentration interrupted by Trijata.

"The worst happened." The Rakshasa women gather. "Ravana's Son, Indrjita, master of allusion, has a boon he can be invisible and has snakes as ropes, which tied up Rama and Lakshman.They almost died. Animals have powers. Suddenly, Garanda, the king of birds, appeared in the sky and ripped the snakes from Rama and Lakshman."

"Instantly, Ravana appeared in his chariot. Shouting his war scream, he charged for Rama. Lakshman stepped forward, and Ravana knocked him down. Arrows whisked back and forth; the sound was like a swarm of hornets. Rama injured Ravana heads and arms then the chariot crashed. Ravana shocked in a daze. Rama shouted 'Go rest, Rakshasa, tomorrow is your doom.' Rama with Lakshman and the animals and Rakshasas pick up the dead and leave the battle for the evening."

Again, I watch the sky as the heavenly gods leave. I lite the fire and prayed to Angi, Vayu, and Indra to help Rama and Lakshman rest and to defeat Daemon Ravana.

Interrupted by Trijata, who was most anxious and with fear in her voice, tells of Ravana's anguish at his failure, screaming as he entered Lanka, "Will not give Sita up."

"Ravana shamed by the human Rama and demanded his brother, Kumbhakarna, to be woken, who wakes every six months for a day, Brahma's boon, or he eats saints. Guards of the giant make noise, rang bells, elephants threw water and walked on Kumbhakarna, who woke slowly and grumpy. He drank vats of wine and ate trays of roasted deer, pigs, sheep, goats, vegetables, and rice. Then he dressed in his white gowns to talk with his brother, Ravana. I flew along to listen.

"Kumbhakarna said, 'Brother Ravana, you wrong, you still keep Sita. Let the human Sita go. Give her back to the man. Make peace for your people, lose your hunger, your obsession.' Ravana accused, 'You are not loyal, you do not respect me your brother.' Kumbhakarna said, "I do this for our family, remember, this is your people's doom. I will fight the animals of Lord Narayana, Rama."

"With a battle yells leaves Ravana and Kumbhakarna jumps over wall scaring the monkeys and bears, which fee for their lives. Hanuman bit his ear, stepped over Lakshman going for Rama, who with silver arrows twisting slowing in the air cut off his arms and legs. Still crawled toward Rama, Kumbhakarna angry cried, 'You cause DOOM!' With a wisp of air, Rama's arrow cuts his head off, which fell into Lanka and his body crashed on the beach falling into the ocean.

I sit with the Rakshasa guards and Trijata, all into our thoughts shocked, hopeful, and scared.


Night consumed the trees. Sita looked to the Holy Gange River, Narada the poet play his flute. Lava and Kusha gather their mother and walk with her along the beach watching the sunset spread colors. Valmiki arranges his tables to dry and writes more while the Poet Narada sang to him.


Ring bells!

Sita is the beginning of the end of greedy

Daemon Ravana, the Emperor of Lanka.


I tell the story as best I can.


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