Truth or Lies?

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Samantha's (POV)


I was walking out of school when I saw David Torres with a really big guy and the guy was giving him what seemed to be a small plastic bag. Wait, isn't David gonna be a dad? (Danielle told me yesterday). Why is he taking drugs? I realized that he got his car and drove away. I followed him, turns out he was still in his car in an alley a couple of blocks away from the school. Smoke was coming out of his car.


*End of Flashback/Dream*


I woke up being so annoyed! It was Danielle basically screaming at me while we were in class!

-(Student) Shh!!!

We ignored the asshole. Danielle was telling me where she had heard the phrase before. I still didn't get it!

-We'll talk while we eat later.

I waited in all the classes until it was time to go. We went to get some food to some place close to the university.

-It's David!


I said as if I was actually suprised she mentioned him.

-He's sending me messages, Sam.

-Those daydreams have really gotten to you, haven't they?

I asked mocking her. It was so fun because she always put on a face that was worth a million bucks!

-I think we can find him once and for all!

All I could think was "shit, shit, shit". After that, I thought to myself for who she was really doing this. He wasn't the angel she thinks he was. I see him as the real bastard he really was! We didn't talk until Jeremy walked in. Thank Go for Jeremy! I hate awkward silences.

-Hey, Jeremy.

-Hi guys!

-Jeremy, can you find out from where the flowers that were sent to my front door yesterday are from and who sent them?

I wanted to slap my forehead so hard!

-Sure, I'll need some kind of logo of a company so I can track the records.

-I'll send you a photo.

-Excuse me, are you still helping?

-Yeah, I owe Danielle.

-Right, the party thing!

-Go, time is money!

-But, Danielle, you're not paying me!

-If you go now I'll give you a tip.

When I looked back Jeremy was walking outside.

-Well that was normal!

I said sarcastically and heard Danielle chuckle.

-We should go study for the exam of Mr. Clark's class.

-What class is that again?

-Sociology, stupid!

She said as if I was a mentally retarted child.

-Oh, right.

-We can do like elementary school girls, we can read let's say 5 pages of the book and then ask each other.

-You have serious problems, but I'll do it.

The only reason I agreed was so she'd stop obsessing about "him". Instead of reading I started thinking of her obsession and asked to myself, if the body was never found, than who told the police? Who saw David? I don't know, sometimes I make up goofy questions to just entertain myself.

-Are you done?

-Yeah, ask me!

Jeremy (POV)

About an hour after I left the cafe, Danielle sent me the logo of the company that sent the flowers. It was called "Las perfectas". (That is "The Perfects" in spanish). Obviously thay weren't sent from the U.S, just to the U.S. My first instinct was to Google it. Perfect, it wasn't in Google!

-Great, now I have to do it the long way!

It was pretty easy after that. I found it in Bing or some place like that. It was like kindergarten hacking! Anyways, I hacked in the system records by putting in the password "flores", (flowers in spanish), and saw that the company was obviously from Spain, but who sent it? Some guy with the last name Torres. Torres is pretty common in these places, but it was Danielle's best shot! I e-mailed it to her and felt so releaved because I don't owe her anymore! I think I'm starting to take Sam's side now, I'm not sure. Did David really send her the roses or is it just a lie? I mean, the only reason we started being friends in the first place was because of david's death and everyone took pity on her. If anyone was making up a joke about this, I'd-I'd kill them! What if it was true? What woukd she do after? What will Danielle regain after it's all over? The truth? It's not true what they say, the truth doesn't set you free. I know that!

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