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 "hey liv we have to meet the girls

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"hey liv we have to meet the girls." she said from behind my door. " you don't have to you know." she added probably feeling bad for me.

"yeah, let me change" i told her. i haven't left my bedroom since that night. i tried calling mike but he wont pick up and Hannah and Ashley are still trying to figure out what happened. i walked over to my closet and picked out an outfit. i am wearing a pair of light jean shorts, a plum colored sweater and black sandals.

"how bad did your mom bust you for wreaking seans car?" Emily asked Hannah.

" you did what? are you okay? what happened with you and sean?" i asked as i can feel tears come to my eyes.

"umm I'm fine" she answerd looking at me confused. " and i did not wreck it; i damaged it" Hannah answered. " and, actually, everyones being really mature about it." she added.

"okay, so the town is gonna put in a new bench,  and we'll plant the flowerbeds, and theres gonna be a pathway of art tiles." aria told us changing the subject.

"art tiles?" i asked confused.

"messages, pictures, memories of Alison." Emily explaned to me.

"oh, like a little headstone" Hannah said causing me to roll my eyes. " I have had alisons bracelet since the day we found it in the wooods and I don't want the responsibility anymore" Hannah added with the bracelet in her hands.

" I don't want it" aria said and I nodded my head in agreement.

" look at us. bunch of babies." spencer said taking the bracelet away from Hannah. " there's nothing that 'A' can say or do to get us into trouble without making trouble for herself" spencer added.

" are you sure its a her?" me and Hannah asked at the same time.

"him, her-- doenst make any difference." spencer said taking out her laptop to which we each have confused looks.

"what are you doing?" Emily asked what we were all thinking.

" I'm gonna block all messages from people that I don't know-- ims, texts, e-mails, everything. screw 'A'." spencer answered.

" hey han do you think you can do mine for me. I have to go" I said speaking up.

' sure. where are you going" she asked confued.

" I have something to take care of" I said truning around. right before I walked away an hand grabbed me.

" this isn't going to end well" aria said making the girls look at us with concern in there eyes.

" I have to try" I told her as my voice cracked alittle. she nodded her head and let go. I need to find noel and make him tell mike the truth. its only been a couple hours and it hurts, everything hurts, hurts to breath, talk, be happy. I just need him.

" noel" I said finding him against some girls locker.

" liv marin what can I do for you today" he said. I wanted to do this calmly but just seeing me made me so mad. I pulled my hand back and threw a punch straight to his jaw making him stumble to the ground. " what the hell?" noel scream causing a crowed.

"everyone just lets you go, I just let you go. you say stuff and do stuff with out thinking about the consequence of others, and I'm tired of it." I yelled as mr. fitz came up to me.

" why do you care? never did before." he said spitting blood out of his mouth.

"your right I didn't until what you said effected me." I told him as tears came to my eyes.

"oh this is about the picture. come on liv you know you wanted me" he said laughing. I was so mad I punched him again and again and again until mr. fritz pulled me off.

"let go of me." I said as tears ran down my face. I walked over to him and bent down to the ground. " look at me" I told him. he didn't look so I grabbed his face and made him. " you're going to tell mike the truth and if everything is not fixed by the end of this week I swear noel I will hurt you again " I told him clamly.

" liv let me take you to the office" mr . fritz said.

" no thank you I can find it myself." I said leaving the scene. after almost an hour in the stupid princples office he decided I will serve detention for the rest of the year.

" hey guys" I said approaching my friends in the cafeteria.

" we heard what happened. are you okay? what where you thinking?" spencer asked.

" I will explain everything later" I told them. she was going to reply until hannahs phone went off. we all stared at each other.

" go ahead, answer it. we know who it cant be from." aria said as Hannah just stared at us.

" Hannah" Emily said trying to get something out of her.

"its my dad" Hannah said looking happy. I just rolled my eyes and walked away. this week is just not my week I thought as I opened my locker and something feel out. a letter?

" dear liv,

when you find this I hope you understand. you had to leave me, I wasn't well. your farther will take great care of you. he has a daughter around your age I think her name is Hannah. your a brave little girl that deserves the world. I hope you are loved by many. when you read this I'm not sure if I'm going to be alive or not but if I am please contact me. my name is shelley jones I live in a small town in gerogia.

                                                                                                                                 love always, mom."

" now a  great time to ask them what they know -A"

what? no, this cant be true. I snapped my head up looking around trying to find sight of anybody who could have put this in my locker. I cant do this right now. I slammed my locker shut and ran out to my car by now I can feel the tears come down my face. how could they lie to me? when I got home I ran to my room and cried myself to sleep. I woke up a couple hours later and I was heading down stairs a little bit happier than before until I saw him. all of them.

"liv, sweetie is so nice to see you" my dad said.

"how could you? how could all of you? I trusted you!" I yelled mad as ever.

"what are you talking about?" Hannah asked.

"shelley jones. dose it ring a bell huh? who even is that other lady? I hated myself thinking I couldn't be loved because the two most important people that were supposed to love me didn't but now I know. she didn't love me because I wasn't hers to love and you, you're just a pathetic excusses for a father . I hate you!" I told them with tears running down my face. I couldn't be here any longer so I ran, I ran all they to mikes.

"liv?" ella said opening the door. I couldn't even getting anything out because I broke down. I fell to my knees and cried harder than I have cried before. she quickly wrapped her arms around me. I could hear everyone coming to the door asking whats wrong but just kept crying until mike picked me up and carried me inside where I soon fell asleep in the arms I feel the safest in.

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