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August 2-3, 2017

"Pepper or no pepper?" Harry calls from the kitchen while I burp the fussy baby in the living room. I had decided to stay at Harry's for the couple days we were caring for the baby. We had also worked out a schedule so that both of us could go to work. I would go to work in the morning and come home at 12, just in time for Harry to work.

"No pepper, Scout doesn't like spicy things. I learned that the hard way." I say to Harry following the aroma that is concentrated in the kitchen. My mouth waters when Harry pulls out the fresh garlic bread from the oven. Get you a man that can cook is all I can say.

"Scout huh?" He whisks the alfredo sauce that is making my stomach literally want to dump the pan of sauce down my throat. My eyes tracked to the gooey cheesy sauce Harry was putting together and briefly, I lost my train of thought. The power food has over me is something unexplainable.

"It's growing on me, I mean it's cute because we are both lawyers and we both read the book. I don't know I think she's a little Scout." I admit hearing the chime of the baby letting me know that I had taken care of her correctly. She squeals out a little baby noise as to give me a pat on the back and I smile taking it.

"So it's decided then?" Harry takes the noodles and drains them while I think a little bit about the final decision. The name Scout had grown on me and whenever I was alone I seemed to call her Scout anyway. Scout had caught on more than Quinn had and I knew that Scout was a more unique name than Quinn anyways.

"Yes, I think she acts like a little Scout, oh and on the topic of names; what are we going to call our fake baby?" I ask Harry as he readies my plate with his gourmet pasta and freshly baked garlic bread that was filling his apartment with its savory aroma.

"She looks like a Bertha." I arch my brow at Harry suggest and even let out a little giggle from the random name he had come up with. It sounded even better with his thick English accent to compliment the "ertha" part of the name.

"Okay we are not naming our fake baby Bertha, that sounds like an old Russian widow who lives alone in a cottage," I say to Harry as he slides me the bowl of pasta with the garlic bread neatly placed on the side of the bowl. I set our fake baby in her car seat we had left on the counter and twirled my fork to see the noodles wrap around itself.

"What about Faith? Because Jesus knows we are going to need some Faith to get us through this next couple days." Harry suggests and I agree on that part. This fake baby so far actually wasn't so bad but the both of us knew the real action would happen at night.

"Jesus Christ this is good! Oh God! Harry! Oh, Harry!" I shout taking a bite as he makes his bowl of pasta. It melted in my mouth and overtook my taste buds with a cheesy gooey flavor. I think Scout agreed with me as well seeing as I was receiving little movements and kicks from her.

"Are you having an orgasm over there? Or should I have said foodgasm?" Harry takes a seat next to me and I look over at him with a mouthful of the cheesy pasta in my mouth. I roll my eyes back and let out a loud moan tasting the delishipus meal Harry had made for the both of us. I had no clue Harry was a secret chef!

"Take me now!" I shout forking so more pasta into my mouth and throwing my head back in pleasure.

"Jesus Madeline are you turned on by food? Do you have a food kink?!"Harry puts his bowl down just as I stuff my face again. I turn to him with my cheeks bulging with pasta and see a little smile light up his face from seeing my own.

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