Chapter 19

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 "Well we used to stand so tall, I barely recognize us anymore." - 'The Swarm' by You Me At Six.

The next day was like the previous: we played ERS for two hours before we decided we were getting too competetive. Undersatement, of course. I had to admit, though, they were getting good - I won some games, they almost won others (Liam got very close to winning the last game, but maybe because he had formed an alliance with Zayn who had distracted me at the last minute).

We went for rehearsals where I gave Zayn a hardcore talk because he kept yawning from walking up so early.

I continued to show them things from home - such as Starkid musicals. A Very Potter Musical to be exact. (Seriously, watch it, it's amazing).

Louis seemed to know what it was. "Darren Criss plays Harry, right?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Oh, I know what this is!" He realised. "Guys this is jokes, we have to watch it!"

"OK, I'm not watching anything from YouTube that Louis thinks is good," Liam stated.

"A Very Potter Musical?" Zayn questioned, his eyebrow cocked. "What about Lord of the Rings, or Scarface?"

"Yeah, what's with the YouTube crap?" Harry whined.

I stared at them all. "OK, first, this is almost as good as any of thise films, it isn't YouTube crap, it's pure genius and as for Louis' taste in YouTube videos..." I turned to see Louis face down on the floor humming Get Back To Hogwarts. He wasn't helping. "...Well, he likes A Very Potter Musical, so there's still some hope for him."

We all got a bunch of blankets and our duvets, despite the early hour and crowded in the kitchen. I sat in my favourite position on the floor. "I feel like I'm eight years old whenever I do this," I smiled, fondly.

"You'll always feel eight when you're around us," Louis emphasized.

"I. Would love to be eight again," I admitted.

Louis hooked up Niall's laptop to the TV and we began watching the musical from YouTube.

"You're joking," Harry gaped, half laughing as Malfoy came on. Malfoy's character was played by a girl...

"These people in Michigan made this sort of parody of Harry Potter and turned it into  musical," I described. "The sequal's funnier, but I figured we should watch this first."

We stayed up late watching - I did suggest that we continue watching tomorrow, but everyone refused. I grinned. I knew they'd like it.

We went to bed two hours later, after being totally whipped out by staring at a screen for the past couple hours. I noticed that everyone except Louis and I were humming Get Back To Hogwarts under their breath.

"Told you you'd like it," I teased in an annoying sing-song voice.

"Oh shut up," Niall muttered. I rolled my eyes - they always hate being wrong.

That night, I slept in my own room. Zayn and I had a mutal agreement that since his dreams had stopped and he wasn't putting himself down so much anymore that I wouldn't need to. I went to my room and sighed, liking the feeling of sleeping in a bed, even though Zayn's floor was pretty comfortable. I counted myself lucky that none of the boys had come into Zayn's room in the night or early morning to find me sleeping there as well. That would simply raise questions that Zayn probably wouldn't want to answer, as it would lead back to his dreams, which would lead to his   (ex-) self-harming issue.

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