20 - Broken Noses and Fake Girlfriends

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They went to a club that was further from campus which was less popular with the college kids and followed Dinah to the head of the line. The blonde seemed to know the bouncer as the two smiled and gave each other a big hug and kiss on the cheek, immediately getting them in no questions asked. Normani was noticeably jealous but didn't say anything. The blonde noticed and rolled her eyes playfully at her girlfriend.

"So that was Brandon."

The brunette made an uninterested "hmmm" towards the blonde as she tried to hide her jealousy, thinking the guy was some previous lover or something. Dinah huffed and pulled on Normani's hand making the brunette stop and spin around towards her girlfriend.

Dinah looked in her eyes. "That was Brandon, my cousins fiancé." She paused and raised her eyebrows. "My cousin John's fiancé?" They've talked about her cousin before when Dinah received their wedding announcement in the mail.

She brought the brunette close when she saw the realization on her face. "There's no need to be jealous of anyone, you're the only one I want." The blonde whispered in her ear. She pulled Normani with her towards the bar for drinks. She really needed her girlfriend to loosen up.


Leave it to Keana to get things started.

The blonde somehow charmed the bartender into two free rounds of shots for all the 5H girl's. They all stood in a circle and clinked their glasses together before taking both of the shots. Most of the girls ordered another drink before finding a large table. Camila immediately drained hers and pulled Normani onto the dance floor. She pre-funked a little of course, but she definitely felt like she needed more. The smaller brunette lost her nerve since they entered the club and she needed a distraction. All of the girls were bantering with one another during the ride over, both her and Lauren getting good ones in and it felt so carefree.

That all came crashing down once they took shots and her mind got in the way.

But dancing was good, dancing always solved problems.

The two danced, politely declining anyone who tried to come dance with them. Camila was still distracted and saw over Normani's shoulder that Keana was trying to get Lauren and Bea to take more shots since they were the only ones that didn't drink more and were just sitting there. She stared at them for a few moments until green eyes looked over to meet hers. Camila quickly looked away and tried to lose herself in the music. She wasn't really sure why she was doing this. She had been mulling over Austin and Lauren all day and thought she was fine. But for some reason once they got in this setting, this setting that could have so many implications and so much potential for inebriated decisions, it immediately caused her to lose her nerve. She became nervous around the brunette and needed to get away and dance it out before she did something stupid.

Normani could sense something was up with the Cuban and appeased her for some time, dancing to quite a few songs before suggesting another drink. If she were to have anymore accidental groping from strangers tonight she'd definitely need more alcohol.

Lauren had a hard time tearing her eyes away from the smaller brunette's swinging her hips on the dance floor. She really couldn't help it, the dress she was wearing was leaving little to the imagination. Ashley grinned when she saw her dazed look and slid into the seat next to her causing the shorter brunette to break her gaze.

The two chatted about random things like classes and some of the dancers on the floor before she brought up what she originally wanted to talk to Lauren about.

"So I met Jesse's cousin yesterday."

"Oh yeah? She's pretty cool isn't she?"

Ashley nodded. "Yeah, she's pretty chill. Lucy was with her." She said tentatively. Lauren had mentioned to a couple of the others that she was fine about Lucy but she wanted to make sure before they pushed her in another direction.

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