Chapter 61

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A few more days went by and Connie had taken a short break from the department. Everything was becoming too much, even being in work. Sitting in her living room, she rest back forgetting about the world that existed outside of her house. The sickness rose once more as she sat up dashing for the bathroom.

One thing she was learning was about how joyful morning sickness could be. Running a hand back through her hair, she sorted herself out before returning to her previous position on the couch. Connie closed her eyes for a moment before turning the TV on as she pulled her laptop up to check her emails.

Opening them the first name she saw was Hansen's with the remainder of the notes from the meeting she had left last week. It seemed they didn't discuss much more after her departure, which she was somewhat thankful for. He had tried calling her multiple times this week, but in all honesty she couldn't be bothered with it all.

Connie continued reading through her emails, replying to some before moving to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. Leaning against the side, she found thoughts of the last conversation she had had with Sam run through her mind. She felt bad for the way she had been with him, but she couldn't deny how angry she had been about it all.

Sitting back in the living room, she saw a new email from a member of the board about the decisions that had been made after the meeting. She scanned the email before finding the section that she was specifically interested in.

It is agreed that it is in the best interest of Holby City Hospital that the staffing remains as it is on all wards, with particular attention paid to Darwin, Kellar and the Emergency Department in resolving the shortages that they are facing. Management will be contacted about possible position openings in due course.

Releasing a sigh of relief, she shut down her emails no longer caring for anything else that could come through. As she did so, there was a knock at the front door. Wandering through the hallway, she lazily opened the door leaning against it to see Sam standing the other side. She had known it would be him, nobody else ever came around. "Mind if I come in?"

Connie caught his gaze as she stepped to one side opening the door a little more for him to come inside. Wandering back through to the living room she walked to the kitchen turning the kettle on. Sam smiled watching her before she turned to face him. "I'm sorry for how I was with you last week Connie, can we just forget it and move on?"

She scoffed looking around the kitchen as she folded her arms against her chest. "I think it's a little late to forget it, I verbally gave the board my resignation last week-" "What!?" Sam's expression changed as Connie flicked her eyes across the room. "Why would you do that Connie?" "Why? The board were threatening to remove several jobs, including yours so I told them they could have mine too."

Connie looked to Sam's dumbfounded expression as he tried to understand her. "So you told them you'd leave if they got rid of any of us?" "Long story short-" "So you risked your entire career because of a stupid complaint I got last week?" Leaning back against the side she arched a brow. "It was the entire department at stake, not just you-" "Drop the act Connie, I know I would have been the first to go. Why would you do that-" "Because I love you and couldn't see you fired, okay?"

Dropping her hands she moved off towards the living room before Sam caught her wrist. "Slow down... I didn't say that I didn't appreciate it, even if it was stupid." Rolling her eyes he moved to take both her hands in his. "You could lose everything-" "Oh I haven't, the jobs are safe." Sam shook his head as Connie smirked slightly. "Like Hansen would risk losing me."

He rolled his eyes as some normality resumed to their conversation. "So can we forget about the last week?" She took a while before nodding gently, instantly stepping forwards into his open arms. Laying her head to his chest, he wrapped his arms around her resting his chin to her head. "I missed talking to you... How come you're not working?" "I needed a break from it all, that and my sickness has started."

Sam ran a hand up and down her back as she took a deep breath. "Anything I can do for you?" "No..." He nodded standing back, running a hand over her cheek. "I'll make my drink, go sit down." She wandered back to the sofa as Sam made his coffee before quickly sitting beside her. He lifted her legs before laying them over his lap as they sat with the TV on contently.

A few hours later and Sam glanced up to see Connie fast asleep beside him. He smiled gently at the sight before turning the TV over onto something else. She slept soundly for a while, uninterrupted for the first time in what felt like forever. A gentle hand running up and down her thigh helped to comfort her as she slept, happy knowing that he was there with her again. She always slept better when he was around.

When she woke an hour later, Sam was in the kitchen cooking something for them both to eat. Rubbing her eyes she noticed how everything had been tidied before she saw him standing over the oven. Smiling to herself, she watched for a while longer before needing to get herself a drink. Wandering in, she wrapped her arms around his waist resting her head to his back. "Hey you... How you feeling now?" "Better."

Sam smiled as she let go moving to make herself a drink before sitting herself on the side. "I thought I'd cook for us here and then maybe go for a walk? If you're feeling up to it." Nodding gently she placed her hands down beside her. "How about I pack some things and we stay at yours for a few nights?" Glancing up at her, he looked to her suspiciously knowing she didn't like staying away from her own place. "You sure?" "Certain."

Moving to step between her legs, he placed a kiss to her lips as she rest her hands to his shoulders. "Thank you." "You're welcome." Hugging him gently, she was grateful that he wasn't as stubborn as she was. She knew she needed his support but she also knew she would never be the one to say so. Things began to settle once more but with the truth lingering just around the corner, it was only a matter of time before something else came up.

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