I stretched and groaned as I reached for the remote, but then it wasn’t on its usual spot.  I can’t believe how dad can immediately sleep so soundly right after eating lunch.  I wish I could also do that, but mom would come here ranting about my lazy ass.  I gave up and stood up to look for the remote.  I looked under the couches and found the remote buried under the leather sofa along with some dusts and M&M’s.  This is gross.  I wonder how it got here and why no one bothered to clean this up.

It just sucks how Hallie can go around the world while I'm stuck in that old amusement park.  I know that the park’s cool, and I may be the best roller coaster engineer there, but I also want to travel with my friends.  I never experienced traveling with my own set of friends.  I wasn’t even allowed to.  I never went abroad with them nor did I go on a road trip with them.  I was just picking myself up when I was talking to mom earlier.  I can’t let her see that I’m like this.  I can’t show her my weak side.  I can’t show her that I’m jealous.  Also, I can’t believe how unfair life can be.  I may enter the amusement park any time I want, but that park is starting to bore me.

I sighed and switched the channels furiously, venting out my anger and disappointment to the remote.  I felt somehow sorry for the remote for experiencing the pain that I’m giving it even though it’s just a nonliving thing.  However, while trying to find a good show, I ended giving up the television to my sister.

“Hey! I want to watch that!” my noisy sister said from behind.

“What? You want to watch that show? It looks like some kind of gay shit to me,” I glared.

“No it’s not. Those are my favorite Korean dudes, and you can’t tell me that this is some kind of gay shit you know,” Hallie argued.

“Fine, whatever. Just take the remote. I’m getting out of here.”

Hallie smiled widely even though I just insulted the Korean band.  She took the remote from me and sat on our brown leather sofa, which is now nine years old.  I cracked my bones as I got up.  I shuffled to my room to stay there alone.  I would rather be alone than to stay in the same with room with some Korean gay shit and my noisy sister.

I yawned as I opened my door, which was painted white last month.  I noticed that my comfy queen sized bed was already neatly done.  This doesn’t usually happen because I just toss my things around and jump into my bed.  It looks like mom decided to tell the maids to finally trespass my room and clean this shit up.  (I usually lock my room and put up a “No Entry” sign on my door.)  I looked at my side table and saw my girl, Jessica’s face smiling up at me.

Jessica.  I met her at the nearby café and found out that she’s the daughter of my parents’ childhood friend.  We weren’t even introduced by this childhood friend.  We were set up on a blind date in that certain café.  When I told my parents about her, they said that her last name is pretty familiar.  That’s when I found out that she is related to their childhood friend.

Jessica is a lovely girl who I can always count on.  I can look at her beautiful face for a long period of time without getting tired of it.  Her smile and laugh are the ones I fell for.  However, looks don’t matter to me anymore.  It’s true that I was that kind of guy before, but I have already changed.  Jessica wasn’t my first.  I have had some girls before her, but the moment I met her, I knew instantly that she is the right one.

Jessica isn’t the type of girl who looks for a boyfriend.  She prioritizes her career over anything and is very serious in everything that’s connected to it.  She is not sweet and can be boring sometimes, but I never really complained because I found meaning in this love.  I don’t want to let her go because even though she finds my flaws annoying, she still stays with me, but keeps on complaining and nagging about them.  I find her sermons annoying at times, but I know that she’s doing it for my good.

Jessica is also pretty talented.  She has a lot of talents and aces in all of them.  I don’t know how she does that and can still balance her career.  I admire her passion for her talents.  There would be times when I would just watch her talk and wonder how she can be the Jessica I love.  I love how she acts.  I love how organized she is.  I love how she can reject me and still make me go after her.  I love how she loves me.  I love her everything.  I love Jessica.  That’s just it.

Thinking about her makes me want her.  I probably can call her now.  I grabbed my phone and dialed her number.  I heard a series of rings until they forwarded me to her voice mail.

Hi, I'm Jessica White.  I'm not at home now.  You can etiher call my cell or just leave a message.  I'll call you back.”

I sighed and grabbed my cell and pressed 2.  Speed dials are really handy nowadays.


“Hey honey.”

“Oh, Michael! What made you call? Is there something you need?”

I imagined her face light up when she answered my call.  I can also imagine her holding up her cell with her head and shoulder while doing something.

“Yes. I need you. I need your love. Anyways, are you free today? Can you come over?”

“Such dramatic person. Uh... Maybe later. I'm quite busy now. Is five okay with you?”

“Sure. I'll be waiting for you.”

“Okay, bye,” I heard the other line end.  That was fast.  At least she’s coming over later.  She can lift up my spirit.  I’m glad that there’s someone who can still cheer me up.  This is why I love to be in a relationship.  That’s funny.  I sound like some kind of immature kid who just looks for love so that I could have company.  However, I’m pretty sure that this is love.  I can feel it.

-Michael Price, 24 years old

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