New Kid

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"Okay class, this is our new students. How 'bout you tell us a little about yourself?" The teacher announced.

"Hi, I'm Zane. I just moved here from Florida because of my dad's job. I love soccer and the color black!" The new boy 'Zane' squealed. Some of the girls in the class were literally drooling all over him while the boys just glared at him. He was a decent sized boy with dusty, blonde hair and a few freckles. He wore a yellow vest over a white button up shirt and black jeans. You could tell he was excited to be here.

"Thank you Zane, you may take a seat." Of course, the seat was by Kasey.

'Great, another bully to deal with.' She mentally cursed to herself. 

"Okay class, I have a few more assignments for you to do. They are all due tomorrow, so advice you to use your time wisely." The teacher anounced as he set more papers on the table. As usual, everyone got up and grabbed there paper. Leaving Kasey lastly.

As Kasey got up to get her paper, Zane returned from the table and gave Kasey the papers.

"Your welcome." Zane whispered.



"Dad, I'm home." Kasey mumbled. She walked into the living room to see a drunken Dad on the couch asleep. Tip-toeing upstairs, she crept into her room shutting the door quickly. She sighed and sat on her bed throwing her bag across the room. She soon then drifted to sleep.


Kasey walked around a warm, sunny city looking at the sky. Hands behind her back, feeling the warm breeze softly hit her face. Her eyes closed, already memorized the roads. Then out of now where, a huge crash was heard. Kasey turned her her head in all kinds of different directions, trying to find the source. Soon, her eyes landed on a building burning to ashes.

"Kassandra! Hurry, we have to get out of her!" Her sister screamed to her. Kasey raced over to her tripping a little. 

"Where's Mom and Dad?" Kasey asked, shaking a bit.

"Dad is back home waiting for us so we can leave, and Mom, M-Mom is d-dead." Her sister mumbled the last part but Kasey still heard it. Her vision got clouded up with her tears as she cried over her loss of her mother.

They soon reached their now-wrecked-house seeing their father int he car looking out. He rolled down the window and yelled a quick 'Get in!' to them. With that said they jumped in and left the trashed place.

"W-why *sob* would th-they *sob* do this?" Kasey questioned.

"They want you Kas." Her sister replied, coldly.



"Sam, please! Don't die on me!" Kasey screamed on the top of her lungs, crying and shivering. But it was too late. She was long gone and dead. And it was all her fault.


Kasey woke up in a cold sweat, shaking. Tears were pouring down her big, cyan eyes. She turned her head to look at her clock to see it was four in the morning. She got up, not wanting to fall asleep back into that nightmare. She walked over to here dresser and grabbed out a yellow crop top and black leggings to go with it. 

'Looks crappy as usual.' She mentally insulted herself. She left her room and went into her bathroom and grabbed her brush.

'Shall I brush or do my usual messy bed hair?' She decided on brushing her hair for once. After brushing her hair, she brushed her teeth and put on her usual black eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner.

She walked downstairs to see a note on the kitchen table.

'Out for the night, no friends over. HAH! Not like you got any.'

Dad ------.



I was walking down the halls as I heard someone getting pushed against a locker hard. Don't ask how I know what that sounds like, I just do. I go in the direction the noise was coming from, and behold was a girl against a locker being surrounded by four girls.

"Look girls! Wittle ol' Kas-Kas tryin' to look good. Wow, that outfit is just DREADFUL." I think Jenna snorted.

"It looks like she found the clothes in the garbage, where they belong along with her." Jasmine sneered. They then preceded to kick the girl in the stomach but she didn't flinch or move. She just sat there, emotionless. Now that I take a closer look, she looks like that girl in more than half of my classes. I don't know her name though. But shes in a lot of my classes, how can I not??

I ran over to them and blocked the girls from doing anymore damage. All the girls looked shock even the wounded one. Does no one stand up for her or something?

"Stop. That. It's not cool." I hissed, each word edged with venom.

"Ugh, get out of my way cutie. You don't want to get sucked into this idiots mess, do you?" Jenna whined, pointing at that girl. She had this weird look, I think trying to mimic a puppy begging for food I guess.

"Stop your whining, plastic. Get out of here before it gets ugly."I mocked her voice.

"Hmph." Then she turned on her heels and left with the rest of her plastic dolls. I turn around to the girl and gave her a hand. She hesitated to take it, but soon gave in.

"You okay?" I questioned, though I know she's for sure not.

"Yeah." She said barely above a whisper looking at the ground.

"You wanna walk with me, or you fine walking home yourself?" I pushed (Like, pushing the subject nothing weird ^^).

"I'm fine." She whispered and started to head off on her own. I watched as she left out of the schools' front doors and off on here own direction. That's cool, we walk the same way!

'Okay, then.' I guess she is independent. Kinda.





I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. My brain is completely dry for ideas now because I just used all of them in this trying to reached my goal XD.

Welp, This is CandyCami225, signing out!

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