6: His girlfriend has done something bad and says it was you - Part 1

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Niall (Age 4) : You never really liked Niall's girlfriend but since he's your brother you accepted her. Nevertheless it seems as she didn't like you, especially today. You are in the kitchen with her as she wanted to grab one of the glasses but through her fake nails it slipped and landed on the floor. You couldn't help but laugh. "Niall will not like this." Just then he came in. "What was that?" he ask curious and looked on the floor. Before you could speak she started to say something. "YN wanted to drink something and so she wanted to grab the glass but she was to short so this happened." she points to the floor. "I told her that would happen and I should give it her but she didn't listen." And then it happens. She stars crying. "Niall I really try anything but she doesn't like me." and then she runs out. "YN why would you do this? " he yells. Scared you quickly start to run and even if you aren't allowed out of the house.

Liam (Age 9): "YN? She's here." Liam yells from downstairs. "Great." you mumble under your breath. Normally you would like it if Liam's girlfriend comes over but not since you two had a little fight. Walking down you greet her but nothing more. "Well I'll be right back I just have to buy a few groceries. Bye girls. " Liam says and let's you alone with her. After minutes of silence she sighs. "God dammit YN! Why are you so childish. I just said that Liam likes me, maybe, a little bit more than you. It just slipped out of my mouth." you still look down and don't say a word. Then you turn around and start to walk away. "Oh no you don't walk out of me." she says and grabs you by your neck. You yelled a little since you wear a necklace which you got from Liam to your birthday but suddenly you can't feel it any more. You look down and see it on the floor. Broken. Tears start to form in your eyes as you scream at her. Then Liam walked in. "YN stop yelling at my girlfriend." you look at him in disbelieve. "Your oh so great girlfriend just" but then she interrupts. "Oh babe. I told you how we had a little fight and I thought it's already over but not for her and at one point she said that she hates me and you and destroyed the necklace." Liam looked hurt. "Liam that's not" you try to explain but he interrupts you. "Save it YN. I got it." and so you quickly run in your room locking the door.

Louis (Age 8): With Louis job he was often away and never could see you or rest of your family and of course his girlfriend. You two got along really well and that's what Louis always liked. Today he and you wanted to go to the mall to have a bit brother sister time. So you were a bit upset as you see his girlfriend on the doorstep. " Hi (Y/N) is Louis here?" she asks. You nod yes and let her in. "I thought I surprise him today. Look I even bought a new top isn't it lovely." you nod again yes as she shows you the shirt. "You know. Louis an I wanted to go to the mall today. Alone." you say quietly. The look on her face showed that she wasn't amused. "Unbelievable" she says and motions with her hand up in the air. What she didn't notice was that her shirt gets stuck in the candle holder. As she pulls down a little hole was in it. She looks mad as Louis comes in the room. "Hi what are you doing here. " Louis smiles. "I wanted to surprise you and showed (Y/N) my new shirt but I think she didn't like the idea of me spending time with you so look what she did to my shirt." She shows him the hole. "YN apologize now or you can forget about the day." You can't believe what happens right now. "No Louis. It wasn't even my fault" you scream and run out of the house to Harry since he lived closest.

Zayn (Age 5): Let's say the relationship with your brothers girlfriend and you was difficult. You don't know why but you didn't like her. Every time she tried to hold you you started to scream and cry. Today Zayn invited you to go with him, the boys and all girlfriends to have lunch. You all sat down and ordered something. Everything went well until you had to go to the rest room. So you asked your brother. "Nonsense. I can go with her." his girlfriend says and pulls you up. Not liking the idea you start to cry. As she turns to you a waiter comes by with a few glasses and she runs into him. You start to laugh but she just stares at you with an evil look. "YN. You can't just push the waiter. " she says sternly. "Why did you do this YN? I can't go anywhere with you since you always embarrass us." Zayn says emotionless. Again you start to cry and run out of the restaurant. You ignore the screams of your name as you keep running and crying.

Harry (Age 3): You know Harry doesn't like it if others use his phone. So as his girlfriend is over and he in the kitchen his phone signalls that he got a text. You see how his girlfriend grabs his phone and the protective sister you are wanted to do something about it. "Don't touch." you say. She looks at you. "Since when are you allowed to tell me what to do?" Unsatisfied you crawl over to her and try to take it from her but she stands up and walks backwards but trips over. She falls with the phone and it cracks. "You don't say a word." she says to you and turns it over so everything looks normal. After she left you thought it would be good to tell Harry what happened. But you didn't even get the chance as he yells your name. "YN I told you millions times that you are not allowed to take my phone." "No, no. This was your girlfriend. I saw it with my own eyes." you say. "Oh come on. She told me what happened before she left. How you wanted to take my phone and she took it from you and you pushed her to the ground. Not only broke you my phone but also hurt my girl. You stay in here and don't dare to come out. " and with that he throws your door shut.

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