A pretty dress for a pretty girl: 5

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After that Jungkook sent me to a room with Miles waiting inside. The room was honestly fit for a princess, everything was a nice pastel blue. Maybe he painted it..maybe for me.
...Of course not.
Waiting there by the bed was Miles whom was holding folded clothes. She wore normal clothes for once, just a plain black tank top with blue shorts and combat boots. She smiled and approached me holding the clothes out for me to grab. "Don't worry about Suga, he's resting in the east wing and i had to knock him out so he would calm down."
Gathering the clothes up in my arms i raised a brow. Another dress? Lifting my eyes to Miles i raised a brow at her questioning the choice of a outfit. She only rolled her eyes playfully and pushed me towards the bathroom. "The boss likes pretty girls in pretty dresses, i picked it out myself. The moment he sees you in this he wouldn't be able to resist, don't worry about a thing."  She closed the door leaving me even more confused.   Deciding not to let it get to me i took my time in tje bathroom. I wasn't able to clean up for two days when i was locked up in that dark room so i made it worth it.
After about an hour and a half i finally emerged from the bathroom feeling fresh, the dress though made me feel embarrassed. It was like a fancy summer dress, a nice yellow, and had a cute bow on the side. It definitely was a bit too short for my tastes but it wasn't suffocating me so it was alright. Miles clapped loudly when she spotted me. "You look great! Just wait, Jungkook is going to flip when he sees you." She passed me two boxes next. One with yellow sneakers and the other with heels. My hand was going towards the heels but i remembered that Jungkook was now going to send me on missions so i ended up choosing the sneakers. "Good choice." Miles muttered with a wink.
"Miles what is Jungkook planning to do with me?"
She pushed me to a vanity when i asked. Humming she shurgged. "I think he wants to believe you but since you are accusing Suga of murder he's going to test you, he's willing to go to the extreme too so you better not mess these missions up." Her hands began to work magic in my hair and it felt amazing.
Miles continued, "You both will be watched throughout everything but Suga doesn't know that. I'm telling you because i actually enjoy your company and i don't want him to kill you. If you fail you die you know?"
The new information made me gulp hard. Suga will definitely make me fail, it's just so obvious. Getting lost in some depressing thoughts i was jumping from my seat when Miles rubbed my shoulder. "I didn't mean to scare you, i just wanted you to be prepared. "Thank you." I replied with a nod. Miles returned the nod and moved away going to the doors, she left the room not saying anything but i figured she would be back shortly. Til then i distracted myself by checking out everything in the room. Of course everything was from expensive brands, from the bed to the shoes.
I kept looking around amazed by all the gorgeous and expensive items and when the door opened i didn't turn around thinking that it wad Miles.
"Hey baby cakes, just wanted to drop by and my oh my you look amazing. I just want to eat you up." Suga's arms wrapped around my waist squeezing me and trapping me. "S-Suga please let go of me." I tried to pry his hands off but he wouldnt move, instead he waved his bandaged hand near my face. "Look at what you have done to me."
His tone was cold and he was clearly up to no good. "Whatever happens to me i will do the exact same to you."

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