.Ms Loneliness made me do it.

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(A/N) Hello lovely spooky people. 

As you may or may not know, I'm Natalia (aka Natts) the author of this "compilation" of creepypasta rituals. And I've  been getting a couple of messages asking about all of this rituals and If they are mine, and no, they are not. All the experiences on this "book" are from other people , and not mine. And non of this rituals are created by me. No way.

But I decided to share, some of my experiences doing "rituals" or "paranormal games". And I don't know. I hope it helps you or maybe relate... You can share your own experiences on the comments or even message me your experiences. I'll love to read them!

With that to say... You may continue reading. 

And yes, this is my experience on one of this rituals.  Some of you may say is shenanigans but it's ok. YOU WILL FINALLY SEE HOW I WRITE (don't judge me) and I like to mix my writing with... umm.. like poetry? (Pretty much like Patrick Rothfuss... ).

 I must say I gave this experience a nice mind narrative as well, don't think that I actually hear what Ms Loneliness says and that I'm a crazy lady... But you get it... I hope. So yeah thanks for reading!


What a boring lonely rainy day.

Nobody's home, everything is quiet, there's no internet, I feel pretty empty and bored out of my mind. There's nothing I feel like doing. There's nothing for me to do, there's nothing to draw, there's nothing to play, there's nothing to say and there's no one to listen to.

Being an introvert and a lonely girl you don't have a lot of people to talk to, or invite to.

My family went away for the weekend. And strangely... I felt loneliness invading my home.

Don't get me wrong. I love to spend my time alone, in fact, I feel happy every time someone leaves me alone. But today loneliness decided to invite itself over and I felt it holding my hand. 

No... Loneliness wanted company

It was 8.00pm, and darkness was also trying to invite itself into my house. I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Darkness calms my mind. 

So I waited.


But Ms Loneliness is afraid of the dark. 

She tried to hide, but in every place she looked darkness danced and smiled, so she hid in my heart instead. 

What a lonely mess.


Finally midnight. But as I tried to sleep Ms loneliness whispered in my ear: 

"Don't close your eyes, let's play instead"

I tried to ignore her selfish cry. But as I tried to sleep she possessed my eyes and mind. 

"Let's play a game you and I" 


Everything ready? Everything done? Let's take the needle, and sew the doll.

 Let's play hide and seek, invite the unknown. Do it now, to not feel alone.

Is it 3:00 am? Then let us begin...

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