Chapter 27 || The Doom on a Broom.

"You want to do what ?!", I looked at Paula in shock as she slammed her locker.

"You heard me. I don't care if you agree to this or not, he deserves it.", she spat back.

Bad enough that the vacation had to end so soon but now my best friend seems to completely have lost her mind.

"Why do you want to charge him ? Have you heard what Matt did to him ? Normally, you are the rational one but you seem to have totally gone crazy..."

"As I said, I don't care. Matt is a good person at heart and Jackson had no right to freak out like this.", she remarked sharply.

A good person at heart ? Ignorance is no excuse in law and you do not insult someone extensively and then claim yourself to be a good person at heart. This is boy has wrapped her around his finger and definitely not in good way. Paula is the most stubborn person living on this planet which is why I decided to stop saying anything against it. It won't help and she'll be more angry than she already is. She is my best friend and although I know that she is wrong, I will let her do her thing. I don't want her to play the "You are my best friend and therefore you need to be on my side"- card.

"Okay, fine. Be angry at him but you don't need to exaggerate because charging him is a bit harsh. Plus, Matt started it and Jackson had every right to charge him as well. Just drop it because it won't lead anywhere and will cause more stress than it will solve."

Paula did not respond but due to her facial expression, I could see that her brain was busy, thinking about what I just said. I quickly waved her goodbye because we had different classes. Strolling through the hallways, I approached my class room. My next lesson was Chemistry which I was more than grateful for because I really liked that subject. Our current topics were very interesting and our teacher always manages to make the most out the lesson.

I sat down in my usual seat and waited for the lesson to begin. I was fully concentrated on my work sheets, when suddenly the door was opened and a woman stepped into the classroom. She was formally dressed in all black, like a secretary. With her fawn hair tied into a tight ponytail, she swayed over the floor, making clicking sounds with every step. I believe she, in fact, is a secretary at our school but since they look and dress all the same, I do not really recognize any of them.

"Sofía Rivera? You are expected in the principal's office and take your things with you.", my teacher was looking around the room until she spotted me in the very book of the room. Everyone's head turned at me, causing me to slowly sink down in my chair.

Maybe not the most embarrassing moment in my life but it's definitely in the Top Ten Hot List. Twenty pairs of eyes were staring at me, seemingly expecting me to make a move but I didn't.

The woman was eyeing me up, signalling me to get up by making weird hand gestures and pointing at the door. I slowly got up from my chair, still being followed by everyone's gaze. Awkward...

As I had left the classroom, the woman walking ahead of me. I was miserably failing at keeping up with her because she was basically sprinting across the hallway.

"Quick question. Do you work at this school ?", I asked her, practically yelling at her due to her being so far away.

She turned around her heels, looking at me patronizingly. Her eyes went up and down on me, causing me to frown. Did I say something wrong ?

"Do I look like I was working for a underdeveloped school like this ?"

I am sensing that she would not appreciate an honest response to that question. "Actually, yes you do. If you do not work her then who are you and what are you doing here?"

She rolled her eyes in annoyance."I'm a mentor."

"A what ?"

"I'm Catherine Watson, a mentor at Upper St. Claire's Riverdale Academy for highly gifted and future elite students. At our school we don't have normal teacher. We have a program, specially created for adolescents who have an above average IQ.", she answered conceitedly.

I definitely did not see that coming but I'm sure that I would not be the only one. What a witch...

"And why would such an highly educated woman like you come to an underdeveloped school like this ?"

"I'm the mentor of one of our best students, Marissa Monroe. Unfortunately, she decided to leave our school and attend this school instead. It's such a loss for our school and we tried everything to keep her but she insisted on attending this school.", she ignored my sarcasm, turned around and approached the principal's office.

Marissa Monroe ? I don't know anyone who....

Oh no.

She is talking about the Marissa, as in Mark's daughter. How splendid...

As we reached the office, Mrs. Watson opened the door, signalling me to enter it. I saw Mr. Ross sitting in his usual chair, wearing one of his fancy suits. Across from his desk, Marissa had seated herself, looking as perfect as usual. Her blonde hair was straightened, flawlessly resting on her chest and her outfit was neatly ironed without one little knit.

"Ms. Rivera, how delightful of you to join us. Please take a seat."

I did as he said, waiting for something to happen or for someone to explain me what is going on in here right know. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mrs. Watson, standing upright at the door like soldier. Apparently, this woman takes herself very seriously.

"As you already might know, Ms. Monroe is going to join Summerville High school and we are more than honoured to have a such a bright student here at our school. You, Ms. Rivera, are going to show her around and help her getting adjusted to our daily school life.", he explained as he opened his drawer, rummaged around in it and closed it.

This just keeps getting worse...

"This going to be your time table, Ms. Monroe.", he put the paper right in front of her on his desk. "I'm expecting you to take care of her, Ms. Rivera. I don't want her to feel left out or disadvantages in any kind of way.", he added, adjusting his tie and sat up straight.

I must totally sound like horrible person but I really do not need Marissa to be around me all the time and remind me how perfect she is and that I'm not. Is that reasonable ? I don't know, I do not hate her for any kind of reason, in fact, she is a lovely person. It's just the jealousy, inside of me that make me think like I do. I'm constantly torn between thinking of her in the nicest possible way and hating her perfect everything.

"I'm so grateful for being welcomed so kindly and that I have my step-sister to help me out in here.", she turned her head to me and gave me a warm smile.

Did she just say step-sister ?! Step-sister ?! I did not sign up for this.

Okay, Sofía. Stop your jealousy and you egoistic behaviour. Marissa is nice and lovely and there is no need for hate. I took deep breath and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Perfect. You'll be loving it here. Please, Ms. Rivera, show her around and take her to her classes.", I nodded in agreement and Marissa and I stood up from our chairs and went towards the door, passing Mrs. Watson who hasn't made a move since we entered the room.

There were still ten minutes left until the break and we found ourselves standing in an empty corridor, waiting for Mrs. Watson to leave. Her piercing glares were hardly bearable because she really makes you feel like you are worth less.

"I hope you have made the right decision, Marissa. If you change your mind, you are and will always be welcomed at Upper St. Claire's Riverdale Academy. I have to go now because I have an important appointment in New York."

I grabbed the broom, leaning against the janitors room and held it out to her. "There you go. With the time difference, you'll just make it."

Marissa giggled and Mrs. Watson's eyes narrowed angrily and she mumbled something under her breath as she turned on her heals and made her way out the door.

I rolled my eyes. What a snob...

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