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"I talked to Nanda Uncle..." Vedant's father started at the dinner table.

"What about?"

"Your articleship of course. You have to start applying to firms in a couple of days right?" his Mum explained quickly.

"But I was considering applying after my results."

A part of him knew where this conversation was heading. If he knew his parents well enough; they hadn't even considered the possibility of him failing. Not even the fact that the Economic Times* had published a one page long article declaring CA to be the toughest professional course in India.

*Famous newspaper

Their expectations frightened him beyond imagination.

"Why would you do that?" His father posed with curiosity.

He took a deep breath, as he stated,

"Has it ever occurred to you guys that I can fail? What will you tell Uncle if I do?"

"You will not fail Vedant. You cannot fail."

He pressed his lips tight; his gaze meeting his sister Vidisha's.

She kept motioning him to drop the matter.

He wanted to, he really wanted to drop the matter. But he couldn't keep his frustrations within himself like her! Vidisha had an uncanny ability of maintaining peace in the house. And she achieved this by holding her tongue for every discussion.

She never put forth her views, let alone object.

And that made her the ideal daughter.

Straight A student, obedient and never raises her voice. Quite perfect eh?

"I know." He replied at last.


I sometimes wish I'd have somebody to guide me.

What do I do after IPCC?

I just realized the seriousness of the situation. Even if I somehow manage to clear IPCC this time, I KNOW I'm not going to be a rank holder or something.

And everybody says that the big firms take only rank holders for Articleship.

Who will I go to? What will I do?

I'm so nervous and so scared.


Vedant sighed; feeling a weird sense of guilt tugging at him. He had so much more than he could ask for.

 He had so much more than he could ask for

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