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Does anybody care that my exams are only two months away!!???

Damn it.

Damn Chachi for forcing me to accompany Rhea Di to salons.

Damn Somil for popping up at our place every evening to devour Dhoklas.*

*Popular Indian snack. 

Damn Dadi for making me cook when I NEED to study.

But most of all, damn Papa, for not standing up for me.

I mean, if they don't WANT me to clear IPCC in my first attempt then why did they let me register in the first place?


"Yes Ma?" he responded to his Mum, who called for him.

"Vidisha's room's got way too much noise coming from that marriage hall across the road. She must be having trouble to study. Why don't you exchange rooms with her until the end of her exams? I mean you are taking a break from studying anyway right?"

"Sure." He smiled and began rereading the entry.

I so envy people with academically inclined families.

Right here, right now, I'd give ANYTHING to trade places.


Vedant looked up and gulped.

Their house had never had a single dinner table discussion that wasn't related to him and his sister's careers. They had books astray everywhere.

His Mother had even gone out of the way with clearing her study area so that Vedant would get his privacy for his IPCC days.

I wish I could help you Meera.

Pushing the thoughts away, he'd just opened the diary again when he heard,

"What are you reading Bhai*?" Vidisha asked; peeping into the diary in Vedant's hands.

*Common noun used for elder brothers.

He forced the book shut rather violently on an impulse; causing Vidisha's eyes to widen.


He facepalmed himself for posing the most royal give away to a lie, 'Nothing'. This one word alone screamed; 'Something very, very private'.

"What are you hiding?"

"I said nothing Vi. Will you please leave me alone?"

As soon as the words spilled out of his mouth he realized he wanted to take them back. For Vidisha now stood before him with her palms on her hips; and the most challenging pout on her lips.

He knew that very instant; that she was definitely not going to drop the matter.

"I don't appreciate you lying, Bhai."

He sighed, not knowing what to tell her.

My bag got swapped with a random girl Meera. I happened to find her diary in it, and I'm being a high levelled creep by reading it because she seems to be so interesting.

"Um...this is a diary." He explained; clutching it a little more tightly as though expecting Vidisha to snatch it from his grip.

"I can see that. But who's is it? And why are you reading it with such a stupid grin on your face?"

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