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In the host club, we were going to have a movie date with all the fangirls...........but Hoseok and I said we were sick, and just sat in the corner to watch their movie.......where nobody can see us.

Mwahahahahahahahaha.....and that also means that Hoseok cant choose which type of movie we're watching.

Since we were trying to not be seen, I logically said that he should sit on my lap......we would take up less space.

Once the movie started, I could see the horror on his face, well, because it was a horror movie. It was the....Conjuring.

And right when the creepy doll scene showed up, Hoseok grasped my thighs, holding on to his precious life. The more scarier the scene, the more his hands would move up, trying to get as close to me as possible.

I already felt mini me going up, and I was already sweating and letting out breathy moans.

To stop his hands from inching closer to my jungcock, I just hugged him by the waist, making sure his hands couldn't even move.

But the result was not good.

I guess he's really ticklish, because he started squirming around on my lap. But when he finally got comfortable with my grip, he looked back to see me.

"Jungkook, isn't this really scary- Jungkook! Are you okay? You're sweating a lot!" He cupped my face making me more flustered than before.

"A-ah, no I'm fine, really"

But Hoseok hyung just ignored me.

"Do you want me to call someone? Oh! I feel your phone right here!" He started to touch my dick, thinking because it was hard, that it was an object.

"Wait Hoseo- ahh"

"I think someone's calling you, it's moving, you should go get it."
My gaze darkened, and I finally gave into the temptation.

"Yeah, I should go somewhere privately because it'd be rude to answer it while watching a movie.....you want to come with?"

"Why would I come wit-" I grabbed him and brought him to a dark room.

"You wanna get the phone for me?"

"Sure!" He was searching through my pockets.....

"Mmmm....Hoseok hyung?"


"I put my phone IN my pants"

"Oohhhh....okay!" He slid his hand into my pants, and after hearing a couple more moans coming out of my mouth, a sudden realization hit him. I mean, he realized something......but not everything.

"I'm sorry Jungkookie, I was trying to find your phone, I didn't know I was touching.....your thingy"

"Hyung.....its fine, I want you to do that" He cocked his head to the side, showing his confusion.

I pulled down my pants.

His mouth opened, shocked.

Hoseok was acting like a kid, touching the tip to see my reaction. I didn't expect him to be such a virgin.

His cool hands started working its way up and down, and his gaze was only at me.

"Mmmnggg" I threw my head back, wanting to feel more.

"Nnhhggggg Hoseok Hyu-" The white liquid spurt out, covering Hoseok's big hands.

Surprisingly, he had a boost of confidence and forced me to lick my own cum. And then he kissed me.

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