(Sword Art Online) Asuna Yuuki x Loner! Reader Part 2

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This is after SAO is defeated and you are in the real world.

Your P.O.V.

          Asuna and I are walking hand in hand down the street. We were finally heading home after a long day of school. We stayed in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. We got to a stop light and had to wait until it was ok to continue walking. While we were waiting Asuna hugged my arm gently and rested her head on my shoulder. I smiled down at her and she smiled back,"We'll be home soon, Asuna," I whispered ever so lightly as if I would have talked any louder the world would crack.

          "I can't wait. I just want to be with you (Y/n)," she whispered lightly back. She was so cute sometimes. The light finally changed and we continued walking down the street. We turned into an alley way that we alsways took as a short cut. I stopped short before entering the alley. I could hear soft whimpers as if someone was sleeping, having a nightmare.

         "Stay here Asuna," she swiftly nodded. I wasn't going to let her get hurt. We don't know what that noise could be. I slowly walked into the alley being as quiet as possible. I started to see a small box off in the distance and it seemed that the noise was coming from it. I thought that it might just be a puppy or kitten, but as I got closer my eyes widened in shock as it was neither of those.

         "Asuna get over here!" I shouted lightly. Looking down into the box I saw a little girl staring back up at me. She had greenish blue eye and blonde hair. I speek softly so I don't scare her as Asuna sits by my side,"Hi there, can you tell me what your name is?"

         She slowly nodded, she was obviously scared, My name is Lyric.."

        "Alright Lyric, do you know where your family is?," she shook her head and I looked physically sad. I turned to Asuna,"We can't just leave her here. Let's take her home with us"."

        Asuna looked at Lyric and smiled,"What do you ay Lyric? Do you want to come live with us?" Lyric looked shocked, but smiled brightly nodding her head,"Then it's settled!" Asuna swiftly picked her up, holding her in her arms.

       Lyric giggled obviously enjoying herself,"Yay! Mommy! Daddy!" Both Asuna and I were shocked to hear her call us that.

       I smiled looking at Asuna and she smiled back once more,"Well looks like I'm daddy  and Asuna is mommy isn't she Lyric?" 

        Lyric smiled brightly nodding her head so hard I thought she was going to get whip lash. We got back up and walked home. Once we got home we all laid down and got some good rest.

Sorry this one was so short. Hope you still enjoy.

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