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"Aaron" I whispered and he turned towards me in anger.

He got up from the bed and walked towards me. Before he could say anything, I spoke "I think you already know about the money transfer. Please try to stop it. He asked me to sign a cheque for 400 thousand dollars, I read it carefully to be sure, it was exactly that much amount. I don't know what he did next and changed the figure to one million".

He stared at my face, not saying anything. His face was devoid of any expressions and I had to look down at the floor because after what I did today, I can't look up into his eyes.

I felt a hand touch the bruised portion of my cheek and I shifted a little as it pained by the slightest touch.

"Who did this?" He asked. His voice was deadly calm and it made me scare even more.

"I can explain everything Aaron. Please stop the transaction, if possible. Please" I literally begged him.

Aaron just rubbed my cheek by his thumb lightly and stared at it with a frown on his face. He was silent, not saying anything and I know he was trying hard to control his fury.

I was waiting for him to say something, anything, he can even shout on me and yell on me, because that is what I deserve.

I decided to speak and tell him everything because all he did was stare. "James asked me for 400 thousand dollars, when I refused, he said if I give him the money, he will give me my mother's address. I want to see her again so I signed the cheque" I said, in a heavy voice, filled with emotions.

By the time I explained it to him, tears rolled down my cheeks and I didn't me any effort to stop them.

"Your mother's address? Isn't she dead?" Aaron asked in the same calm tone.

I shook my head and finally looked up into his eyes "she is not dead. James dragged her out of his house years ago. That was the last time I saw her. No one knows this except Nadia. Dylan though never believed James statement, that she just left and never returned. When Dylan established his company and became popular, he used his best detectives to find her. But even after two years, he didn't even get a clue. We lost hope after that. We stopped talking about her because it gave us pain. He has the best detectives and investigators, if he failed to find her, no one can. I got a little hope when James said he knows where she lives and signed it. I'm sorry" I whispered in the end.

"And why do you think he will give you the right address?" He asked, his face still not showing any emotions.

"He said I should believe him so I did, but if the address is fake, I'll sue him. This time he won't be able to escape. When I was younger, I tried to put him behind the bars, I called the cops at home. I didn't have any proof against him and he tricked the cops away. But this time, the money and cheque can act as a proof. Once he is behind the bars, you will get your money back" I explained to Aaron.

I want him to believe me, thought he will never trust me the way he used to, but I want him to at least believe me.

"I'm sorry Aaron. I know, I broke your trust in me. You have all the right to be angry on me, I didn't do it intentionally. I'm not like them" I said in between my sobs.

A pair of hands wrapped around me and engulfed me into a hug. At first, I was too shocked to even move but then realized, Aaron was really hugging me.

"I know how you feel at this moment. He did the same with me and my father too" he whispered in my ears and caressed my hairs.

I hugged him back and cried my heart out. This time, I wasn't crying because I was hurt or in pain, I was crying because I did a very big mistake today. I decided to go see him, even when Aaron told me not to.

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