Jason’s POV

                I watched her as she fell silently asleep in the cold night. Just a few more hours and he’ll be back. I am afraid that he will take one of us with him. I am afraid to see him. I don’t want him to lay a finger on Jiselle. But it can’t be helped because he’s our father. He still has the right and the upper power.

                I am afraid the most to be separated away from her again.

                She rolled to her back, facing the ceiling with her gentle face. I sighed as I sat on the edge of her bed, thankful enough that she’s next to me after those twelve long years.

                I know that what I am doing to her is a taboo between twins. I am lusting over my sister. But after all those years, she has been the only one who’s special in my eyes.

                “Jason! Jason!” her sweet voice called out to me. I followed her along the empty sidewalk as she throw flowers on the ground, wearing her white dress that made her look even cuter than before.

                She spun around and faced me. Just two kids playing together.

                Just two twins.

                “You know what?” she chirped, showing me that sweetest smile of hers.

                “What is it?” I ran towards her, checking if she’s hurt or something. She chuckled and shook her head, grabbing my hand and shaking it up and down.

                “Jason is the person whom I love the most in the whole wide world!”

                That sweet smile of hers, the innocent and cheerful eyes vanished in just one night.

                I watched him as he leaned down to my sister, touching every part of hers. He traced his hands up her white dress that is now stained with tears and blood from his brutal hitting on her face. He shushed her, assuring that everything is fine as he claimed my sister with his lustful hands and disgusting mouth.

                I can’t take it anymore. I love my twin and even if I am destroyed, I want to protect her with all I have.

                My hands grabbed the nearest hard object I could get. I looked at the crowbar in my hand. With my sister’s cries and begs, I didn’t hesitated to hit the man—my father—in the head.

                Her crying eyes and fragile body lay in front of me. I quickly grabbed her hand and ran to my room, wrapping her in my arms and comforting her, trying to remove the stains that the vicious man brought her.

                “J…Jason. I’m scared.” She cried, her eyes are swelling and her body trembled.

                “Don’t cry. I promise he won’t hurt you anymore.” I touched her cheek and wiped the falls of tears flowing down her innocent face.

                The yelling outside continued throughout the whole night as my mother defended us from my father. I didn’t tell her what exactly happened. I made up a story that will make my father get out of this house.

                “Fine! This brat is mine!” the door flew open, a man with a furious face and gripping hands barged in.

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