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Dead Bored

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"Hurry up, Vie," my guardian called from downstairs. I gave up on looking beautiful and went with my current state: normal. Well, not exactly normal. There was a slight tint of green on my ears and eyelids. I could pass the latter off as makeup. Ears? I shook my hair out. That would have to do.

I'd "died" over the summer, but here I am, still alive. Well, still existing at least. A Changer had stumbled onto me- literally- and he'd worked his curse on me. I'd thought it was a good deed, until I realized that he now owned me. I was at his beck and call.

That's why I was in Barracuda Bay. My Changer had also assigned me a guardian to watch over me as I adjusted to the town. That basically meant that I had to be babysat to make sure that I didn't run away or chicken out of my assignment.

"Vie!" I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Oh no. The big bad guardian was coming. As if I'd even be afraid. Still, I wanted to have a good start here so I grabbed my bag and moved towards the door of my new room...just as it slammed open. Seriously, if it was possible for me to get a heart attack, I would've gotten one right then.

"Calm down, Drake," I said, speaking more to myself than him. "I'm done, okay?" he rolled his eyes and gestured for me to leave the room. "How gallant of you."

"Just making sure you don't run back in," said Drake as he closed the door behind us. "I didn't know dead girls spent so much time getting ready, too," he muttered.

"Yeah, I should go to school completely green and start eating people," I said.

"Exactly," said Drake. I don't know how I got saddled with him as a guardian. He was more immature than I was. I guess it worked for him. He'd be the last person I'd suspect of being an undead slave. "I wish the green color lasted for more than the first two months," he added as we left the house.

"Me too," I said.


"Well, for you at least," I amended. "Then, you'd only be allowed out of the house on Halloween." He stared at me. "Oh! And, St. Patrick's Day."

"Let's just get to school," Drake grumbled. A point for me.


          School was school. As boring for the undead as it is for the living. The only difference being that it's harder for me to kill myself when it's too much to bear. The worst part was that the day was so tedious that I found myself almost missing Drake.

He'd ditched me right after first period, surrounded by a bunch of girls who had to be more brain dead than I was. I laughed to myself.

"What's so funny?" someone asked me. I looked to my right.

"Um, the video?" I answered. The girl raised an eyebrow.

"Really?" she asked. I nodded absentmindedly. I'd gone the whole day without temptation. I'd even skipped the cafeteria during lunch because after the living ate, they were more...fragrant. But now, it was last period. The girl next to me had such flushed flesh that I could see it even in the near darkness required to see the video on the screen.

I shook my head and turned to the movie, paying attention to it for the first time. I'd have been better off going to sleep. The clip depicted a fight between the Native Americans and a group of settlers. Very gory. Graphics weren't that great, I must say. Still, it was realistic enough to awaken the Flesh Crave inside of me.

The girl beside me had moved closer. "You really think this is funny?" she asked. Well, damn, I'd offended her.

"Just the graphics," I said through clenched teeth.

"Yeah, they're pretty b—" she paused, eyes widening. I'd come very close to biting her, my face near the fleshy part of her shoulder. "Um, what are you doing?"

I tried to resist but couldn't. My lips touched skin, and the beast inside of me purred with anticipation. My vision turned red and everything pulsed with its own beat. Yes.

Then, the lights suddenly turned on. Everyone was staring at me. Oops. Drake was going to have a field day when he heard about this. He'd know I'd given into my lust. Then again, he'd be screwed for leaving me to fend for myself.

"Ms. Mortamie, is there a problem?"

"Um, no," I said. The girl had edged her seat away from me. She was giving me dirty looks. Did she suspect? Then again, the whole class was staring at me as well. What were their problems?

The bell rang, and the teacher was the first one out of the room. He didn't seem to care that I was being surrounded by the other students. If I could feel pain, I would've been frightened.

"Hey, homo," a guy said. "Next time you want some, take it where it's offered." I almost laughed. Is that what they were thinking? I'd been labeled on the first day of school, and they were all wrong. God, what a bunch of oblivious idiots the living are. I couldn't believe I'd been as ignorant months ago.

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind," I said. With that, I picked up my bag and brushed past them. Since they'd probably been expecting me to be trembling with fear, they moved out of my way easily enough. I hadn't even had to bite any of them.

As I walked down the halls, I realized that this school might not be so boring after all. I'd already made a few enemies. They would relieve my boredom. There was something else that would keep me on my toes as well. I could smell a vampire amongst the group...

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