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-          yerin stepped briskly through the near-empty school hallway. she bit her lip while glancing down at her wristwatch. 30 seconds before the bell. she picked up her pace, half-running past classroom after classroom until she finally came to her class: room 613.

slowing her pace slightly, she stepped over the threshold just as the bell rang. her math teacher greeted her with an icy stare.

"have a seat, miss song."

the eyes of yerin's peers followed her as she made her way to the back of the class, cheeks flushed. not a good start to the day, she told herself as she sighed and sat down in her desk beside her best friend jimin. he gave her a sly grin and leaned across to her desk.

"yerin," he whispered behind a hand.

"what?" she muttered impatiently, pulling her binder and pencil from her lavender backpack.

"my friend just transferred and he's in this class--"

"cool," yerin replied disinterestedly, eyes on her work.

"he's really nice and friendly and i promise you'll like him!" jimin told her insistently.

"jimin, you know how i am with new people," yerin said under her breath. "you can keep him. i'm sure he's great."

"you always psych yourself out," jimin reprimanded. "you're not half as shy as you think you are."

"i am," yerin told him.

"are not."

then a boy stepped through the door to the classroom. he bowed quickly to the teacher and then turned to the class with a determined smile.

"i'm jeon jeongguk!"

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