Trent x satan's sister! reader ((EDITED))

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~ Warning swearing and bad spelling with is a Request from the beautiful IIMarilynMansonII!! Thanx for the request~

~Your POV~

Today is my first day of Elementary school in South Park, even though I'm like a thousand years old, my brother insisted on me going to school with his son Damien, my brother said that if I wanted to rule some day I have to have an education.

It's bullshit, I don't need this stress but at least I get to flirt with the hot boys...

When I was finished getting ready, I was wearing (f/c) tank top that revealed with breasts a little to much, black shorty shorts that framed my ass, black fishnet stockings and (f/c) high top converses, my hair was out and I had light makeup on, I made a portal to earth and hoped in, once I got there....I felt like someone was watching me....I kept looking around feeling worried...

I shook off the feeling and walked into the doors of school, everyone stopped and stared, I could see all the boys stares at my ass and breasts and I could hear all the girl bitch that is a I went up to a bitch with a purple coat and yellow pants and went up to the boy next to her, he had raven hair that sat under his red and blue hat.

My breasts pushed against his chest, "Hey babe, apparently I'm a slut according to your girlfriend I em" I said sexily, the bitch gasped and tried to pull me off.

"OH MY GOD YOU ARE A SLUT!!" she said getting me off her boyfriend, she was ready to punch me

I grabbed her hair, "I'm not a slut, I'm your worst nightmare..." I said in her ear, I set my hand on fire and burnt off her hair, she screamed and cried.

I let her go and walked away, I felt a hand on my arm. I looked at the person and it was a super sexy dirty blonde haired hottie, he had beautiful eyes that burnt into mine. "Hey sexy," I said, he just smirked

"Not bad yourself baby but I was wondering if you want to ditch school and hang?" he asked grabbed a hold of my waist

"Sure sexy," I said grabbing his hand and running out of school.

I led him into the street, we went into an alley and sat down, he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and grab one to me, his lighter wasn't working so, I lit his cigarette with my pinky and he stared at me "How did you do that?" he asked

"Well sweetheart, I'm Satan's sister," I said lighting my cigarette

"That's why you're so fucking hot," he said getting closer to me.

I moved closer to him, he grabbed my chin and kissed me, I kissed back slowly moving my tongue into his mouth we fight for dominance, I won and wrapped my arms around his neck. We moved away for air, I put my cigarette to my lips and blow the smoke into his face, the smoke made a love heart around his face. "I didn't get your name?" he said

"My name is (y/n) darling and your hottie," I asked

"Trent, my lady," he said kissing my hand

"Well I will be your lady if you kiss me again"

We kissed again but with more passion than the last kiss and cuddle all day. I'm with the boy of my dreams and I'm his hot devil.

~Hope you liked it, sorry that it's late and if it sux~

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