Part 46*

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Sumo even turns and heads to her room after telling Shravan to go to sleep. However, the stubborn Shravan doesn't listen and sneaks into her room while she is in the bathroom changing.

When Sumo comes out she sees Shravan and is shocked.

Sumo: (whisper shouting) Shravan!! What are you doing here?!? Look I am doing much better now, you can sleep in Preeti's room. I can't let you sleep on the floor everyday.

Shravan: First of all Sumo darling, I think I am going to have to give you classes on how to be more romanic. (smirking)

Sumo: Shr-------

Shravan: (putting a finger on her month) Shhhh.........Second of all, this is my best friend and fiancé's room, so I can come in here whenever I want.

Sumo: (moving his hand) You are----------

Shravan: (cutting her off) And lastly, I am never going to leave you alone, so please, stop trying to get me to stay away from you.

Sumo: (pushing him and pointing a finger to his face) Now you listen Mr. Shravan Malhotra, I would never get you to stay away from me. I want to be with you every minute, every second of my life. But Shravan, I want you to sleep on a bed, not the floor.

Shravan: Haw!! (putting his hands on his face) Sumo, I didn't know you were such a naughty girl. Sharing a bed before the wedding?? Not a bad idea. (smirking)

Sumo: (hitting him on the chest) I didn't say my bed you idiot!! Go sleep in Preeti's room!!!

Shravan: (closing in, on her) And what if I say no?

Sumo: I-I will.........(out of words)

Shravan: (backing off and sitting on her bed) Sumo relax. (laughing) I didn't know that you could get this nervous. What happened to the rough and tough girl from school? The Sumo Wrestler!

Sumo: (narrowing her eyes)  Shravan, even I can ask you. What happened to the nerdy geek from school? And why has he been replaced by a super model an..........(stopping when she realizes what she says out loud)

Shravan: (stunned) Super model??? I didn't know my Sumo thought I looked like a super model? (smirking)

Sumo: I said nerdy geek too!!

Shravan: But that was the past baby. (pulling her onto his lab)

Sumo: (getting nervous) Sh-shavan what are you doing?!

Shravan: Giving you classes on how to be romantic. (whispering in her ears)

Sumo: I don't need classes. I know how to be romantic too! (whispering back to him)

Shravan: (smirking) Then show me.

Sumo pushes Shravan so that he is laying on his back on Sumo's bed. Then she gets on top of him, locking him in-between both of there hands. She uses her finger and traces it from his forehead to neck and down to his abs, feeling his six packs. Shravan lays there shocked, Sumo looks up to his face and smirks. Then she gets of and walks to her desk. Shravan still lays in the same position, shocked.

Sumo: (looking through her desk) What happened Mr. Malhotra? (smirking)

Shravan: (getting up and eyes focused on her back) N-nothing! N-nothing at all. (trying to sound normal)

Sumo : (laughing) Look who needs classes now. (Searching for something in her desk)

Shravan: (smirk) I trust me, I can do better then you, I was just going easy on you.

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