Chapter 10

                Thank god Katelyn stopped crying, or I think I may have broken down as well. I’ve always been like that, one person starts crying, I’m going to cry for them, out of sympathy. (A/N To those who know me personally, DID ANYONE ELSE THINK OF NEIL?! LOL I’M DYING. OKAY BACK TO THE BOOK!)

                I hope Katie stays; I really don’t want to lose her.

               “What do you guys want to do now?” Katie asks the rest of the group.

                Liam speaks up, “Movie at my flat?”

                “That sounds wonderful, Liam,” Katelyn says. “I need a bit of a pick me up. Anyone up for Addy and I going into Rogers Video, and stocking up on junk and movies?”

                “I wanna come in!” Louis whines.

                Harry put a pouty look on and complains,. “Me too! Why can’t we all just go in?” The boys and I nod feverishly while Katelyn sighs exaggeratedly.

                “Fine!” Kate gives in. “Tell the driver to take us to Rogers then.” We all high five each other and Harry once again leans forward and tells the driver our new destination.

                We talk about what movie we want to watch for a bit, but the topic somehow changes to sweet or salty foods. And guess who’s on the same side? Addy and Nialler. They’re so going to date, so help me.

                “Sweet all the way!” Liam yells.

                “Come on, guys. Salty is the way to go!” Kate says loudly.

                “Lads, ladies, why are we fighting when we can choose both!” Niall exclaims. Addison and him high five.

                “I’M WITH NIALL!” Addy nearly screams.

                I smirk to myself and mumble, “Soon you will be…” I suppose Katelyn has heard me because she suddenly burst into a giggle fit. Talking in the van stops abruptly as they all turn to face Katelyn, whose face has become redder than a tomato.

                “Don’t ask,” I reply for Kate.

                “You really shouldn’t,” she says while trying to catch her breath, but just starts giggling more.

                Addison looks out the window, and yells, “We’re here! I WANT FOOD, KATE, LET’S GO!”

                I laugh to myself as I think how much she and Nialler are alike. Addison get’s a good grip on Katelyn’s arm and yanks her out of the van. Katelyn grabs my hand as she’s being hauled into the store, and soon I’m being dragged along with her.

                Addy yells back at us, “Katelyn, you’ve gained some weight, girl!”

                Katelyn rolls her eyes and says, “I’m holding onto Zayn – who’s holding onto Niall, who’s holding onto Louis, who’s holding onto Harry… That may explain my sudden weight ga – LIAM PAYNE, STOP SMIRKING AT ME AND WALK!”


                “Tangled,” Katie states plainly.

                Liam seconds that, I third it.

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