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I was in the woods like always smiling as I watch the beauty of nature a soft breeze comes by making some leaves fall around me. Oh, had I mentioned that it was fall?

Well it is! The bright colors are so pretty! I take some pictures from time to time and get great results I will add these to my scrapebook of nature.

I had always got the feeling that I was being watched here but didnt care much for it. I never paid attention to it, just the nature.

I walk more not noticing how fast time flew by but I didnt mind. It was nice at night, when all the fireflys and night animals come out and the sun sets..OH! Dont forget about the stars and the moon!

It was getting to the point of time called evening when the sun would set. Thats my favorite part of the day! Its just pretty to see the pink and the orange blend together.

I take pictures of different times of the day as well, I didnt have a reason I just did. I should probably return home though. Its not safe to be in the woods at night, I tell myself and began to head home. It began to get darker while I walked.

That was fine but I was getting tried..I ignored the tiredness and keep walking to reach home. I must have walked far..Its taking a long time to get home.

I hear a stick snap behind me but simply thought it was a animal or something and keep walking home, through the now almost dark woods.

Its funny how it goes from a beautiful sight to almost scary in the woods. I reach the small town in which I live in a apartment and go to said apartment.


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