A Birthday Surprise

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I wake early as the dawn steals across the sky and as I stir I feel the bed shift from the movement of another body that wasn't there when I fell asleep.

The body moves closer to mine and I feel their heat radiating towards me. A hand is gently placed on my hip and a thumb lightly caresses the sliver of exposed skin above my pyjama bottoms. Gradually the hand moves around my waist until the strong arm to which it is attached is coiled protectively around me and I am pulled slowly back against a warm masculine body.

I can feel his breath against my neck as he places butterfly kisses against my bare shoulders. As his mouth moves towards my neck he speaks, "Happy Birthday my love...nice surprise?"

I turn into his embrace and seek his mouth out with mine before hugging him tightly and nodding. "Yes...very nice!"

He nuzzles his long nose against my cheek and his low velvet voice sends shivers down my spine, "Good...I missed you."

I sigh happily and in between kisses whisper, "I missed you too Lucas."

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