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I smile down at the little bundle of joy that is still in my arms, rocking back and forth. Our daughter was born just two days ago is finally resting. It seems like Peeta and I have been up through the whole night the past few days taking care of her.

"Finally" Peeta says, he's leaning against the doorframe of her room.

"I know right" I bring my eyes back down to look at our beautiful creation.

"She has your smile" Peeta comments.

"It pairs nicely with your eyes." I grin.

Peeta chuckles. I slowly lean forward in the rocking chair and set her down gently in her crib. Peeta joins me and stands next to me to watch her. He reaches forward to brush a short curl away from her face. I smile at the gesture.

"I never thought we would be here. Parents" I nudge Peeta's shoulder.

"I didn't either. The rebellion was hard, " He pulls me into his side and kisses the side of my forehead, "but we pulled through."

"There was a time when I didn't want to though." Peeta says.

"When Snow had your mind at his fingertips?" I ask.

"Yeah, he made me hate you. He made me want to hurt you. That is by far the worst thing I've ever done." Peeta shakes his head.

"Babe I'm fine! You couldn't control it and bruises heal." I cup my hands on both of his cheeks. "I love you, Peeta"

"I love you too, (Y/n)" Peeta breathes out.

I lean forward and our lips collide in a sweet kiss.

"I never thought I could ever be this happy." Peeta says before placing a kiss on the top of my head.

"Happy." I state.

"Yeah, happy." Peeta nods in affirmation.

Our child's light coos pull us out of our thoughts and bring the attention back to her sleeping figure. I yawn loudly, unable to hold it in any longer.

"Alright time for bed." Peeta says pulling me away from the crib.

"I don't wanna leave her. I don't want to miss anything." I state.

"Maybe, for tonight, she can sleep with us." Peeta melts.

"Yay." I cheer quietly before pulling her out of the crib with ease.

It takes a few minutes for all three of us to get settled in our bed.

"This is quite the sight." Peeta grins.

I roll my eyes and kiss our child on the top of the head.

"She's perfect"

"She gets it from her mom."

I look over and grin at Peeta who has sleepy eyes. What an amazing life.

Short and sweet:)
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