Chapter Forty Two

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My legs were still shaking from my short encounter with Lucas as I headed downstairs. He'd made me wet and horny in no time with his tenderness. He was so soft and gentle. It felt new because of how innocently he would ask questions and how he would redden. I was used to boys with confidence. Lucas was so nervous though he tried to say things boldly.

The way he'd suckled on my nipple, all the while moaning had caused greater frustration in me. Now I felt incomplete and dizzy because we hadn't finished what we'd started. The tequila I'd taken was going up into my head, making me very tipsy.

I reached the dimly lit living room which was the dancefloor. I looked around lost until I felt Rick's arms wrap around me.

"Sweetheart, where were you?" he asked over the loud music.

"Uh, I was at the back of the house. Having a drink."

"You don't look okay. And you seem a little breathless."

"You think?? I don't think so!" I laughed nervously. He stared at me, amused.

"You're one mysterious babe." he chuckled. I smiled at him and that was when I noticed Lucas far off behind. He'd just come downstairs and was looking around until his eyes met mine. I immediately looked away.

"Uh, let's go dance again." I told Rick.

"Oh honey, I danced all night and I'm getting ti–"

"Please! One last time." I said and pulled him into the crowd.

We started dancing again. Honestly, I didn't want to. I didn't want Lucas to walk up to me and cause something between Rick and I.

As we danced, Rick suddenly stopped moving.

"Oh my phone!"


"I forgot it in the toilets. Gotta go get it before an idiot steals it. Please, can you wait for me?" he asked.

"Uh sure."

I watched him disappear through the crowd and immediately, someone grabbed my arm and made me face him.

"Lucas, you shouldn't be here." I hissed when I saw him.

"Tell him you're tired."


"Tell Rick you wanna leave. So we finished what we started." he replied with red cheeks.

"Lucas, who tells you I want to finish what we started?"

"Harlem, please don't do this to me." he begged, his eyes shiny in the dim lights.  "I won't leave you alone. If I can't have you then let me have one magical night with you. Tonight. You don't know how bad I want you."

I wanted him too. But only because I was horny? I believed I had feeling only for Rick.

"Then promise you'll leave me as from tomorrow."

"Only tonight will tell. If what I feel for you is lust, as you want to believe, then after tonight, you'll be at peace."

"But what if you find out your feelings are really true?" I found myself asking.

He stared at me silently.

"Lucas?" I called.

"Meet me in my room. There's no one at the house now. Don't let me wait in vain please." was all he said and disappeared into the crowd.
Rick soon returned and we continued to dance.

Ten minutes later, I told Rick I was tired. I couldn't ignore the fact that Lucas was waiting for me. And I couldn't ignore the fact that I wanted to make love to him.

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